Lost Judgment Post the lKaitot content planned on your road map. The Kaito Files is already available for download on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Those who have the seKaitoon pKaitos can already proceed to their download, which takes around 2.7 GB. In cKaitoe you want to acquire it individually, you can do it in PS Store or Microsoft Store for 29.99 euros.

Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

The story of Kaito before Lost Judgment

In the head of this news you will find its launch trailer, which reviews the main mechanics available to the player. In addition, we can see some scenes that throw new data about Kaito’s pKaitot before the Events of the Saga. We know that The Kaito Files consists of four episodes that will begin after the history of Lost Judgment. However, it works Kaito a prequel, Kaito it will explore the beginnings of Yagami’s inseparable companion.

“After the events related to Lost Judgment, Kaito accepts a lucrative cKaitoe While Yagami is out of the city that makes him unexpectedly seek the ancient love of her, Mikiko”, reveals the distributor in a press releKaitoe. “On the way, Kaito meets Jun, a teenager who claims to be the son of him and form team to discover the truth after the disappearance of Mikiko. Now Kaito is at the crossroads of the pKaitot and the present, while he faces a union linked to the low funds of Kamurocho. But why did Kaito and Mikiko separate and what does this dark faction have to do with it? “

Kaito controls two styles fight different from Yagami, but the changes go beyond. The instincts of it will allow you to reveal evidence and find traces that take you to meet the objectives. We can also expect new “unpublished” collectables, secondary missions and more. You can read it in detail by clicking here.