“Should everything go well, I will probably realize on the ground that I am the only woman worldwide, the eighth winter games can experience. That’s somehow a horny feeling,” said the 49-year-old.

On this Saturday, the five-time Olympic champion flies with the German team to the games in China, who start on February 4th. For the second time after 2018, it is one of three candidates as German flag carriers at the opening ceremony. “It’s already a great honor for me, that I am talking. If it should come, the more,” she said.

Das sagt IOC-Chef Bach vor dem Olympia-Auftakt in China
With five times gold as well as twice silver and bronze, the civil servant of the Federal Police is the most successful German winter Olympicine. But their goal is not that on the ice of the National Speed ​​Skating Oval, another medal is added, although their start in the mass start race on 19 February holds many uncertainties. “That’s true, but I’m still realist and say that I can no longer get Olympia medal,” emphasized the Berliner, who celebrated her Olympia debut 30 years ago in Albertville.

Lock because of doping persons is long back

Away from the Eisoval Claudia Pechstein still struggles with the consequences of her lock from 2009 to 2011 because of doping persons. Before the Federal Constitutional Court, a claim for damages is pending. “I’ll fight until the end, and if I have to go to the European Court of Justice, I go there too,” said the athlete celebrating her 50th birthday on February 22nd.

The Ice Circulation World Association ISU had locked her without positive doping test on the basis of an indirect evidence. In retrospect, Pechstein established an inherited blood anomaly. “There was never a positive test of me. Everyone knows that this was a miscarranty,” she said.

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