For the release of Destiny 2: The witch king on 22.02.2022 you have, if you can overcome the server queue, the choice to play the missions of the new campaign in normal mode – or to choose the legendary missions. Yes, your Lest right!

If you are already looking for a challenge for the launch of witch king, you do not have to unlock yourself with a playthrough through the campaign, but can decide right at the beginning of the adventure for it. For the reward for this choice waving you – either solo or the size of your emissions scales – additional reward boxes at the end of the mission. So… if you also defeat the extra opponents.

Limits of legendary missions

The difficulty of the legendary missions should be between a legendary twilight strike and solo dungeons or leader dusks. Similarly, for example, as in legendary or master-lost sectors, you will have to be matchen in shields, here and there to encounter additional opponents and have to deal with modifiers such as unstoppable or barrier.

In order for the whole thing to go for a walk, the opponents will have solo players of the legendary mission about the double amount of life points compared to normal game mode. For three guards, the enemy HP is not tripled, but probably noticeably higher. Furthermore, in darkness zones of missions per guardian is only a revival token and the chance of revival runs in 40 seconds. So you should remain as a fertilizer in legendary missions as possible.

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Rewards for legendary missions

As the developers of Bungie have already revealed, they expect the following bonuses when concluding a legendary mission:
There will be double-chest premiums with 1-3 additional chests per mission. Each chest will contain world pool equipment, EP, upgrade modules and mica.

  • Players playing in the legendary level of difficulty will be able to earn faster throne world armor and free circuits. More Risk, More Reward.
  • In addition, you can expect unique rewards when you finish all campaign missions in the legendary difficulty level:
  • A new exclusive badge that is only available after completing the campaign in the legendary difficulty level.
  • A triumph for the throne world.
  • Equipment set – 20 higher than the soft limit that lies at 1520.
  • 8 upgrade modules.
  • New “hex king” armor typically dropping in the lost sector PED.
  • Exclusive bungie premiums – you will learn more in the future.

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