The first spot game for over three months was successful for red-white Erfurt successfully: The FC International Leipzig RWE prevailed with 3: 0 and jumps in the still leaning table for rank five. The Erfurter, even thanks to the pandemic in autumn, went in the initial phase by winter-new approach Kerasidis, who came to the ball after a failed liberation in the penalty area, with 1: 0 in front. Subsequently, the favorite missed clearer circumstances. After restart, Mergel then caused the reassuring 2: 0, Leipzig missed in a post-shot, again to get tension in the game. The closing point per lifter set the shortly previously substitute Alvarez with its first goal this season to 3: 0.

Three points Distance have the Erfurt with the table top – but also three rarts less completed as Primus VfB Krieschow. He had to settle at the end of a combined game with a 1: 1 in Unit Rudolstadt, but it was able to settle for the time being from the play-free VFC Plauen (the game against Wernigerode Coronabedings canceled). Riemer’s early leadership for harmony by head was able to equalize Paulinger via desubber after about half an hour only. It was enough for the weakened VfB, where neither Goalgette Hebler nor ex-professional Rangelov were in the bid, despite a long majority (Rudolstadt’s Bahner saw the red card in minute 67 after foul). Rather, the Primus luck had awarded the harmony far in the injection time at a thick chance still the winning goal. “The victory we aged was in it. But just in such a close game, where it comes to individual actions, the lack of differences Mitko Rangelov and Andy Hebler noticed,” says VFB coach Toni Lempke. For the time being, the VFB Krieschow has returned to the top of the table, but has the pot favorites red-white Erfurt and VFC Plauen in the neck, each of three games less.

Night with Krieschow is Budissa Bautzen at the top: In the only Sunday game, the FSV won 4-1 at Kellerkind Wacker Nordhausen. Already at halftime it was a clear thing for the budges, Hagemann headed the victory with a double pack. Schröder’s distance hit for 3: 0 before the break was already synonymous with the decision. Immediately after restart, Hentsch then put the 4-0 after. The homeland could only be more cosmetically operated by a faulerfeter.

The Battle of Bautzen (1945) – The Last German Victory of World War II

The Union Sandersdorf had to accept a surprising damper, who lost at Kellerkind SV Arnstadt despite the early guidance with 1: 2 and thus slipped out of the top 5. It was only the third season win for combatantly convincing Arnstadt, who owned the red lantern, who had owned them after the withdrawal of FC Merseburg, and could climb in Rank 17. The decisive goal made Scheuring around ten minutes before the end with a dewisher. As important as well as contested victories in the basement, there was also blue-white Zorbau (Captain Löser scored the rejuvenated but also flattering 1: 0 last minute hits at FC at the fahner height) and Oberlausitz Neugersdorf (3: 2 against Martinroda). Both teams could leave the descent zone.