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Lost Ark deploys its June upgrade – and includes an anti captha.

For the interested, the thorough note of thecourroux upgrade of the Legion of Avariceis readily available on the main internet site.


The upgrade consists of in particular the 2nd legion raid of the western version of the MMORPG, Vykas, meant for top-level players contending the very least got to a level of object of 1430 to challenge the normal version of the RAID and also 1460 For its difficult version. The awards are change, in particular since the raid integrates sources to make famous devices.
The update additionally supplies the Kungelanium goalkeeper raid, a degree 6 goalkeeper that calls for an object degree of 1460. And for enthusiasts of solo web content, the power course opposes the gamer to waves of beasts out of 50 Degrees: it will certainly be needed to climb up as high as feasible in the time designated to the instance.

Past the new instances, the update likewise includes a new device to the arsenal deployed by Amazon.com Gamings to eliminate against crawlers. From currently on, gamers might be confronted with ancaptchaby arriving in a brand-new location (thecaptchais triggered arbitrarily): genuine gamers will certainly be able to settle it to proceed playing, while the robots need to be obstructed. It needs to restrict the task of bots if the service is possibly not totally foolproof.
At the exact same time, the operator additionally repairs restrictions in the timing of sales: New acquisitions in stores will certainly currently have a waiting period of 3 days prior to having the ability to be traded or moved from the customer’s account by mail, exchange, contribution or sale to the sales resort. Again, the workshop sees it as a method to ward off the tasks of the vendors ofgolds. _.

The western version of Lost Ark remains to broaden its content according to its monthly patches. The June upgrade,courroux de la Legion of Avarice _, gets here in archesia and according to the roadmap revealed at the start of the month, a number of circumstances open their doors.

[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] Taikoichi Shoden V DX Hideyoshi died socially, so I will resell it with a new character and aim for Ritsui.

Recently, the work of reincarnated things is popular. Oh, I’ve been a long time ago… (Uncle)

The destination is usually a different world, but there are also patterns from the Warring States period. No matter where you are skipped, it’s still a warrior with modern knowledge.

And if I was skipped in the Warring States period, how it would make up… Red up tea and Akane!

This time, it is the Nintendo Switch version of Taiko Richi DX released by Koei Tecmo Games.

Taiko Richi-Shiden V, released in 2004, is a reception game (a genre that combines RPG and simulation) to become a person from the Warring States period and walk around Japan at the time. Players can aim for the unification of the world as a samurai, dominate the Japanese economy as a merchant, keep training as a swordsman, or even live without being tied up as a ronin. Good… you can aim for such a feeling of Riki.

Taiko Ri-Shiden V DX with HD remasters includes additional elements such as new characters and new scenarios, as well as useful functions such as auto-save.

The resale of tea and Akane at the beginning is the most famous and simple policy of this work. In the old days, I was hooked on the original version, and I was just working for the resale of tea and Akane. , in fact, there is no way to be able to get into the real Warring States period with the knowledge of the game.

Following the historical facts or aiming for a historical IF…?

The protagonist can be selected from a total of 960 characters, but only five characters can be selected immediately after the game starts. The five have their own jobs, such as samurai, merchants, ninjas, swordsmen, and pirates, so choose the one that suits your play style.

I chose Yoshiro Kinoshita from among them. Speaking of Riki Sakae, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who climbed from farmers to heavenly people.

The story begins in 1560 when Fujiro Kinoshita, who serves Nobunaga Oda, became Ashigaru.

Samurai play, which serves the monarch, is given the main order of regular rating. If you do your own order, your merit will rise and you can get more and more.

There are various main liability. This time, we sell soldiers and earn 1200 as military funds.

I just needed to go to a town where the price of soldiers is high, but I sold the soldiers quickly in a techoteau town, got money, and purchased trade items at a cheap price. It sells this high in other towns. Sengoku Tenbayer.

This work has a number of ways to make money, such as doing the job requested in the seat, doing a bouncer at a bar, and aiming for a gathering with a rivalry. It would be nice to have abundant means for purpose.

Trade items have different market prices for each town, so if you can run around towns all over Japan and find a place to sell high, you will be able to make a profit, but on the way, you may be attacked by pirates aimed at trade.

Battle with the pirates begins!

If you select the destination and decide the direction of attack, the enemy and friend will start acting all at once.

At this time, if you enter the enemy within your attack range, you can attack, and if you enter the enemy’s attack range, you will be damaged. In other words, act by predicting the position where the opponent moves.

But it’s hard to hit…

After that, I changed my name to Hideyoshi Hashiba and continued to serve Nobunaga as a historical fact, but it is a game that can spin history freely, so let’s live more freely. **

so… I immediately rebelled!

Farewell, Nobunaga Oda. Hideyoshi Hashiba will have the world! I was enthusiastic about it.

The military funds quickly bottomed out, and the vassals who believed in Hideyoshi came away one after another, saying, If you can’t get a salary, I’ll leave **. Well, was the rebellion earlier?

Sneak into Nobunaga’s residence to get a novice rebellion…

Hi, I’m really angry…

Merchant play in Ori-chara! Enjoy in the brain story

If you proceed with the game to some extent, you will be able to create an original character and select it as a hero.

The appearance of the character is made by combining prepared parts such as eyes and mouth. Personality and background can be set.

However, there was no Mohawk, my hairstyle, so I made it a shaved head version, which is a hairstyle for returning home.

In addition to the protagonist, the original character can appear in the game, so I made a familiar member in the picture diary.

Despite having a wife and child, Ohara-kun, my friend, who enjoyed an unemployed period for two years.

Abe-kun, a friend, is also a personality compared to Ohara-kun’s impact.

And Mr. Magema, the editor. Recently, he has appeared as a teacher in Yukirei’s four-frame manga Mahoroba Komachi Haruhino. The appearance of short hair and glasses looks the same as Uncle Yoshida, so I had a cat covered to differentiate.

By the way, everyone is a Pooh ronin.

In 1568, Uncle Yoshida lived at Puotaro at the age of 34.

This is fine! I was planning to take the world as a merchant with my friends in various places. **

Abe-kun and Magema are in other towns, but Ohara is in the same town as Uncle Yoshida.

If I have a store, I’ll hire me, so wait.

Let’s have a merchant first hire to be a merchant.

I learned the skills of the tea ceremony in advance so that my husband of the merchant family could like it, and sold the aphrodisiac.

In the merchant play, there is a rating by a merchant, just like a warrior play.

This time, I was instructed to sell a teahime called Hashihime for more than 500.

There are statuses called skills, such as Ashigaru, guns, arithmetic, and valve tongue.

If the skill level of Ashigaru and guns is high, the war will be advantageous, and if the arithmetic or tongue is high, negotiations with others will work.

The level goes up when a person with each skill is undergoing a skill.

I had almost no skill level because it was just after the start of the game. Thanks to Hashihime, the deadline came without selling.

However, Hashihime decided that she was selling. She cut her money and paid fake sales.

I’m glad I had a lot of money I got from the resale of tea and Akane… **

Ori-chara, gather under Yoshida’s flag!

Uncle Yoshida, who continued to cut her coins and continued to accumulate false merit, was successful from her apprentice to hand.

Now that she has made a hand, she can solicit employees at my discretion.

When she visited the town of Saiga to buy a gun, she invited Ronin Abe-kun. It’s a gluttonous guy who doesn’t always let go of rice balls.

Let’s solicit Ohara-kun and Magema in this condition.

…… Ohara-kun, I wondered if I was living an unemployed ronin life anyway ……

It’s like getting a job at a famous company. I betrayed well…!

If I have my own store someday, I’ll forcibly pull it out at gifts and tea ceremony.

Let’s make the determination of a new merchant.

The number of main games to be received according to their career has increased, and they are busy west to east. In addition to handing out the main order, do not forget to shop for personal trade items. Thanks to that, my bosom is pop.

What I am so enthusiastic now is the collection of tea utensils. ** When serving tea to a high-ranking person, you need a highly valuable tea utensils and is perfect for gifts.

You can buy tea utensils at the store, but can be sold by peddlers. However, since it is an unrecognized state, it is not known whether it is valuable until you buy and judge. It’s like a gacha.

It’s easy to find out the truth of things if you work in a merchant and see a lot of first-class products.

Father, give me the tea scoop!

was just an earpick…

He has attacked a whimsical and famous Sengoku warlord, has made an unknown samurai a family, and enjoys the historical IF. This time, we delivered a Nintendo switch version of the play picture diary, but the Steam version has an event editing function, so it seems to be enjoyable for a longer time!

However, I felt the old smell because the UI was basically the original version. Also, during the battle, a few second loads may be entered, and there were situations where the tempo was poor. The Nintendo Switch version has the impression that the operation is more overall than the original version for the PC that was playing at the time. On the other hand, the Steam version has seen the part where operability has deteriorated due to the change in the UI, and it seems that the pros and cons are evaluated (at the time of the article on May 31, 2022).

After that, I would be glad if more high-speed mode was added in the movement and battle part on the field. I look forward to future updates!

Taiko Ri-Shushiden V DX is on sale for Nintendo Switch/PC.

Lost Ark, big nerves for Berzerker and the witch in Korea, but also buffs. same for the global version?

Big Changes arrive on the Korean version of Lost Ark! Even if they are not definitive for the moment, the final version of the latter will undoubtedly eventually come to us. We take stock of the nerves that make the most noise on the canvas in our complete guide to Lost Ark.

545 846 views

Lost Ark has come out in Korea for a while now, and this version is about to undergo big changes. We take stock of the changes that make the most talk about them. In the meantime, do not forget to get your rewards, and prepare you for the release of the latties next week!

of the change on the PTR of Lost Ark in Korea

In Korea, Smilegate has announced the implementation of the PTR (test server) for the next major update of the game. Update notes accompany the latter, and the least we can say, c is that there is change. Nerve of the classes considered “Top-Tier”, other buffs that are a bit forgotten. Reddit and forums ignite a little, but try to understand a little changes that crash the canvas. We will not talk about all classes here because some things are probably changing.

Berzerker: The end of Chaos specialization?

On the side of the Berzerker , it must be recognized that big changes are underway on the PTR version. Some attacks become back attacks, which will improve their damage by placed behind a boss, but also a change on the rune perforating attack of the technique assault blade , which passes 37% defense ignored during the impact of your attack, at ” ‘a debuff that improves the damage taken by the opponent of 6% for 6 seconds… which is technically a buff, if it concerns well All your team.

But where things become more interesting is at the level of the class engravings of Berzerker. That of Berzerker technique is improved, passing the damage crit from 30/40 / 50% to 35/50 / 70% when you are in Fury mode. On the other hand, the engraving Chaos , she, is nerfed, and not a bit. The inflicted damage increases from 4/9 / 18% to + 3/7 / 14%, especially, ” ‘you will not be able to receive only 40% of the care effects, which will clearly lower the life of the latter.

It must be recognized that Chaos is very nerved here, both at the level of damage and at the level of care. It will be necessary to see how things evolve, but according to the calculations, the zerker loses 6% damage in Chaos level 3, and 3-4% in Mayhem 1. We can imagine that Smilegate would like here to put in Prior to the other specialization, namely Berzerker Technique .

Sangleame: Big nerve of the surgery specialization

Here is the number of Deferlante stacks that undergoes a change: Previously, you could accumulate up to 20 stacks of the improvement of the surgery, knowing that a stack = 7.5% more damage on Your braffling. With the change on the PTR, cumulate 20 stacks will only make 100% more damage. It is therefore a loss of 50% damage. It’s also a sacred nerve.

However, it should be noted that the spé sweeping is a little in a funny position on the Korean version of the game. To sum up quickly, this specialization was seen as null before, which makes that the almost quasi Total high-level content players played in specialization Residual energy . However, the specialization breaking has recently improved. It was much more difficult to optimize, but was, in return, theoretically one of the specializations of the game that was the most damage. Should we still not plant himself during a fight.

But the players still stayed on the spé residual energy for two reasons: the price of a change of specialization (to rehabiate, to reoptimize, with the good runes etc… it has a huge cost, well More than for us on the overall version now), and the second reason is that the Special residual energy punishes less the errors in terms of DPS. It remained the choice of simplicity. And also let us add that the KR community also wanted to see if changes would not take place, so as not to resolient itself for nothing… and they were obviously right to wait.

the witch: small nerve of the igniter specialization

On the witch side, rest assured: a small nerve is announced, but it will not change much. In specialization Igniter , during your magic amplification , the improvement of the damage of your spells increase from 10 to 8%. Same thing during the Torrent of Arcane , or you will spend from 20 to 16%. In return, the scaling of your spells will be a bit improved during the magic amplification state, 2.15 to 2.2. So we are on a real nerve of 2% ~. Everything is fine.

We are waiting to have a confirmed list for the release before you list all the changes, but if you wish, you can read all here.
Remember, if some nerves do not make sense in your opinion, that the equipment is much more advanced on this version, and that some optimizations do not exist yet.

GAME RUINED! Asmongold Reacts to CENSORED Lost Ark | by LOWE
Good game everyone !
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Vanilla Wears Magic RTS “Grim Grimore Oncemore” announced, to July 28 release. Remaster with new element

Japan’s one software announces “ Grimogrimore Oncemore ” on April 14th. I announced that it was released on July 28th. The compatible platform is PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch, the price is tax included 5478 yen. Novel elements have been added based on the contents of the “Grimogrimore” original version.

“Grimogrimore Oncemore” is a magic fantasy RTS that repeatedly avoids disaster recurring. Development is vanillaware. It is a remastered version of “Grim Grimore” for PlayStation 2 released in 2007. The stage of this work is a magical school that only boys and girls with excellent magic talent can be entered. At the same school, great wizard Gammel Dralask has been the principal, and the Girl of the devil who defeated by the principal was used as a learning building.

The hero’s Lille Buru is a girl who just came to Magic School. She first touched her magical book and starts to walk to her wizard way. However, she was also excited to dance her chest during her bundle. After 5 days after she entered, her learning house “Silver Star Tower” attacked a disaster, and everything in the tower loses his life. Naturally, Relle is also attacked by a disaster, but when she noticed, he went back to time, and she was back 5 days ago. Relle repeats 5 days, and will face a disaster that attacks the tower of silver stars and mystery.

Lille looks for her clues while receiving classes at Magic School. The incident is not constant in the daily life of magic schools, such as someone and Golem’s runaway, but when it is caught in a contest, the magical battle is developed. She borrows the power of Grimoa to summon the magic and fight the wizard battle.

The magic game is a distinct fantasy theme RTS (real-time strategy). In the magic game, you need mana to summon the magic with the pleasure. Because her mana can be collected from crystal, first, using her hand-held usage and mana to ensure a means of obtaining her mana. She calls the magic using resources and defeats the enemy’s use while defeating the magician of the friend, and it will be victory if you destroy all the enemy magic.

The magic used by Lille is classified into four types of spirit magic / alternative / black magic / alchemy, and multiple magic surfaces exist for each magic type. In addition to the usage magic that can be summoned for each magic square, power-ups such as the size of the magician and the increase in the type of magic who can be used to strengthen and summon the magic team.

Many unique units appear to be a dragon that is summoned in a cute fairy or egg condition, and the use of the physical attack. Mana application and unit operation, strategy and local battle both hold the key of the magic battle. Also during the magic battle, the story progressed by the standing picture and the voice. A wizard with a wizard is drawn to struggle to destroy the destruction after 5 days.

GrimGrimoire™ Official - Game Trailer PS2 HD

In the remastered “Grimogrimore Oncemore”, the graphics are first high resolution. By becoming HD image quality, beautiful visuals evolved sharply. It seems that the magical war situation is easy to grasp because the screen ratio has become wide. In addition, the voice was prepared in the original version, but in the remastered version, the voice actor in charge is changed, and a new voice actor voice is recorded. Not only drama parts, but also the voice in battle has been added, and the voice is likely to draw new sides of Rele and her friends by voice.

In the Magical Bargain, great magic and skill tree were added. Although the large magic is limited to the number of times of use, it is a powerful magic that has the effect of changing the war. Several large magic exists such as “Manava strike” that gives a wide range of flame damage and “resurrection” to recover allies. At the time of activation, it seems that the cut-in anime of Lille is also seen.

In addition, in Skill Tree, you can pay coins and strengthen the magic or magic. In the remastered version, a mission different from the victory condition has been introduced to each stage. You can use coins that can be obtained when you clear the mission. As a reinforcement content, manual mining speed up and usage moving speed up, and use magic, new skill acquisition of usage, etc. are prepared. Skill Tree seems to spread the bandwidth. In the magic game, the difficulty hard is adjusted, and it has a more challenging content. Besides, the fast-forwarding function of combat and drama part and the creation of a save function. The gallery function contains 90 or more illustrations produced towards the original and remastered version.

“Grimogrimore Oncemore” is scheduled to be released on July 28 for 5478 yen including tax for PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. In line with the announcement, official sites and videos are also released.

※ The English Version of this Article is Available Here

“Knights in the Nightmare” Remastered version, Nintendo Switch to release on April 7 this year. Barrage Action Puzzle Simulation RPG Revives

Sting Co., Ltd. announced on March 17, “ Knights in the Nightmare Remastered version on April 7, 2022. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch, which is software for download. The price is tax-included 2860 yen. Book at Nintendo E shop from March 31st.

“Knights in the Nightmare”, which has revealed the release date, was released for Nintendo DS in 2008, and transplantation for PSPs is also d1. Knights in the It is the remastered version of Nightmare. In this work, the player will be a soul whisp that will be a soul widow, commanded by a sword without a soul and fighting with the demons on the square. It meets the victory conditions of each stage within the restriction turn and proceeds with adventure. The game screen appears as a simulation game, and there is also an action element. During the battle, you must conduct command while avoiding the enemy emerging. In addition, there are RPG elements that appear more than 140 knights that can be conducted.

PlayStation Exclusive Leaks For Nintendo Switch + More State Of Play Coming!

In the remastered version of this work, with such an action puzzle, tactical element, etc., as it is, it is equipped with a UI renewal and new function that helps easy to play. Content additions such as collection elements and new modes are also performed. First of all, for graphics, we refine the character illustration and HD the whole body illustration. All interfaces have been updated.

Then, the operation corresponds to both touch and analog sticks, and can be enjoyed by the desired operation. As a new function from the remastered version, in addition to the retry function that simplifies the continue function and the stage reproduction of the auto save, an option that can perform volume, screen, touch operation adjustment, etc. is also implemented. Besides, functions for beginners are also included, such as exceptional equipment functions that automatically install equipment with one button, adding tutorial missions, and easy modes that can be focused on the battle. It will be more friendly to the unique and complex gameplay of this work.

Various content is also added. As a collection element, a sound collection and past scene browsing function that can be viewed such as BGM. It is also adjusted for talk collection. In addition, “Yugudora ed” that needed interlocking with “Yugudra Union”, which is the same studio work, will be banned by hard mode clear. And, as a new mode, the content “Bosslash battle” for super-sen senior operators who can not be saved and a hidden option that can enjoy unusual play is also implemented. The presence of “ENEMI Double Speed ​​Mode” and “Hell Mode” is revealed. Besides, a large number of adjustments and additional functions are incorporated.

“Knights in the Nightmare” Remastered version is scheduled to be released as a download software for Nintendo Switch on April 7. The price is tax-included 2860 yen, and reserved at Nintendo E shop from March 31st. In addition, this work has also been predicted for Android / IOS, which may also be revealed in the near future.

Remake version “Dead Space” to the beginning of 2023. Sound strengthening, and the shiny isack is more tough

MOTIVE STUDIOS has published new information of MOKE 12, “ DEAD SPACE “. A new system is introduced to sound design that produces the fear of the same work and a more realistic vocalization of the protagonist. In addition, it was revealed that the release time was 2023 (Early 2023).

The original version “Dead Space” is a SF survival horror game that was launched from Electronic ARTS (here, EA), and Visceral Games. In the original version, the planetary mining vessel “USG ISHIMURA” was drawn, and struggle with the survival of the ISAAC Clarke (Isaac Clark), an engineer, a hero. Excellent production and a world view that feels aquatic fear is well received, and two sequel have been produced, and a plurality of spin-off works are released.

This remake version “Dead Space” is responsible for developing MOTIVE STUDIOS under the EA umbrella. While faithfully protecting the original version of the game play, it is produced by further enhancing the quality of the game experience. Developer-earlier live distribution has been transmitted (related articles), such as progress in graphic surfaces and reality improvement of Goa representation (related articles). And in developer live delivery published on March 12, the details of the production reinforcement in the sound plane were revealed.

In this work, it is said that the sound can be heard even with the same sound according to the attenuation and reflection of the sound by the shield. It is said that sound attenuation and echo is simulated in real time, such as the other side of the wall and the bending angle. Nowadays, the large titles implementing these factors are not uncommon. However, the fact that it is a good idea to be a fan of the sound that will be the need for fear production is a pleasure.

Dead Space Remake - Fear Reimagined Developer Full Showcase

“The A.L.I.v.e. System”, which produces the status of Isaac, which is the main character, was also introduced. This is a mechanism that changes to speech and speech, as well as breathing and anguing, depending on the fatigue and injury state of Isaac. Also in the original version of “Dead Space”, there was a production of breathlessness and pain of pain, depending on the injury, fatigue or oxygen remainder of Isaac. In the remake version, the system is further advanced, and the unnatural overlap of voice in the original version and the sense of discomfort such as gentle breathing at the moment of supplying oxygen. Simulate changes in brain and physical condition due to combat, injury and fear event, and it is a mechanism to reflect the sound emitted from the heartbeat to the conversation. For conversations, three types of normal and fatigue, injury and situation are prepared. By eliminating the difference between the situation in the game and the speech production, it will be an attempt to deepen their feelings.

And the comparison of weapon sounds in the original version and remake version has also been released. In comparison of Plasma Cutter, which is a weapon representing this work, it can be seen that the detention of sound is increasing in remake. The original version was an impressive impressive impressive impression, but in the remake version, the sound of “Kacha Cacha” is attached to the mechanism of mechanical weapons. Such sounds are produced by superimposing the layers of several sounds. A sound has been added to felt the internal mechanism for Pulse RIFLE. Both are also the impression that the echo from the environment is also added and further depth.

The remake version “Dead Space” will be released in early 2023, PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S. Since this developer live delivery is the content that focused on the sound, if you are interested, please take a look at the headphones and so on. A continuous videos that have not been edited have also been released.

Lost Ark: The new classes that could reach the game very soon

Lost ARK has arrived in the West with a total of 15 available classes. A broad repertoire that allows to satisfy almost the whole community, but that very soon it could be expanded. The version of which we enjoyed on the new servers has cut a total of seven classes with respect to the homonymous in Korea, so it is possible that very soon we see a few extensions that will motivate us to create a new character.

The new classes that will arrive at Lost Ark

In total, there are seven archetypes that could be incorporated into the title almost immediately based on Amazon Games update plans for MMO in its western version. Keep in mind that translations of their names are not official, since they still do not exist in Spanish.

  • Destroyer : A slow character belonging to the warrior archetype that is characterized as being quite slow. However, he has a hammer of the most destructive capable of sweeping with everything that is found.

  • Lancera : Belonging to the archetype of martial artists, this character alternates between Alabarda and launches to control its enemies before ending them. He is fast and lethal

  • Explorer : This would be the new character for the gunners. They use the most advanced technologies of Arthetine to dominate the battlefield with all kinds of ingenios and even have a combat drone.

  • Arcana : Incorporation for the Magi team. It is served from the art of cards to control their enemies with different altered states and damage. They must keep the distances and know when to attack. Its final is based on the cards and can have many different effects.

Available : Also for the magicians, this class invokes spirits that fight with them to annihilate the enemies. Guara a similarity with the arcana class in the sense that it should be kept at a distance from the rivals, being very fragile when it is exposed to the attacks.

  • Mower: Dahas, hidden and poison skills characterize a kind of murderous archetype that has enviable mobility. As usual in the murderers, attack meek and inflicts a lot of damage.

  • Artist : belongs to a new archetype called a specialist. It can cure and inflicts large amounts of damage in area. Attack both at a distance and body to body and promises to be one of the most interesting additions thanks to their particularity.

All NEW Classes Still Releasing For Lost Ark NA / EU

A completely new class?

Finally, there is also a new addition that could reach the Korean version of the game very soon. From Smilegate they have anticipated that ElberSerker could receive a female counterpart Throughout the year 2022. She will be a similar character, but with her own mechanics and new attacks that will suppose the first woman available between gueens.

Despite the initial stumble with the servers, Lost Ark seems willing to launch very interesting developments during the year 2022 to keep the initial pull of which is the fashionable MMO in the West.

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