The Korea Mobile Games Association concluded a work agreement for global cooperation with Global Startup Accelerator First Ventures.

Game Discoverability Day: Free vs. Paid: Discoverability for Smaller Mobile Games

First Ventures operates a curriculum and a mentoring program through a foreign network for start-up overseas marketplay. It also operates Global Investment Connection Platform Wonder Rise to activate the start-up ecosystem.

Through this Convention, both companies have been discussed to cooperate in cooperation with global investment pitching events that go to the global investment in the US Small and Medium Games Development and the Global Investment Affairs and the Games Industry Exchange of North America, Korea and the Los Angeles Venture Association (Los Angeles Venture Association).

First Venture’s Gujaya Representative is a “one of the main countries, and a major game developers to be able to enter a wide overseas market in Korea, and a variety of related education, mentoring, events and more. I wish I could contribute to the leap to the global powerhouse. “

The Korean Mobile Game Association Hwang Sung-ik said, “The global entry of the Korean Small Business Developer is no longer a choice, and it has been essential to the global promising game developer through the cooperation of the Korea Mobile Game Development, I have a good opportunity to inform K-games. “