The French World Champion Samuel UMI will miss the Spanish Cup winner FC Barcelona for a long time for a foot break. According to the Catalans, the central defender suffered the serious injury in a middle foot bone of his right foot at the beginning of the week in training. For the circumstances of the fracture, the Nobel Club did not provide any further information.

How long UMI fails, according to the necessary surgery on Tuesday, Barça continued to write. Expected, however, the 28-year-old should have to pause for about three months. Thus, the noble reserve could be used in the former Champions League winner in the current Europe League at the earliest in the case of Barcelona’s entry into the semi-finals at the end of April again.

At the moment, however, Uveitis Mahler weakens the ex-master not too much. In the current season, the 2016 committed by Olympic Lyon defender also under Barcelona’s new coach Xavi only once used, but otherwise pressed as already under Davis predecessor Ronald Woman only the replacement bench.

Uveitis failure is more financially a damper for Barcelona. Because through the injury, all hopes of the prudent association should have rushed to sell the prominent defender in the winter break. Barça had speculated in the context of his billions-heavy debts on the chance for premature sales of Uveitis to further reduce current personnel costs.

For the same reasons, Barcelona had initially renewed in the past week of Uveitis by 2023 Treaty for three more years to shortened conditions. Through the simultaneous distribution of Uveitis salary to the additional term, Barcelona received the financial scope for approving the obligation of Terran Torres. The club expressly thanked UMI in this context for the readiness and affection for the association, which could comply with Barça the regulations of the financial fair play.

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