Tiril Eckhoff wins the persecution race at the Biathlon World Cup in Kontiolahti. Denise Herrmann becomes third, Franziska Prussian creates it after a strong performance in the top ten. The live ticker for reading.

For the sixth time this season, the biathlon ladies are demanded in the discipline tracking. Which athlete can prevail on the ten-kilometer route, you will learn here in the live ticker.

Biathlon: Persecution of the ladies in Kontiolahti – final score

Place | Runner | Time
1 | Eckhoff | 31: 40.8
2 | Wierer | \ + 15.9
3 | Herrmann | \ + 19,5
4 | Roeiseland | \ + 38.8
5 | Knot | \ + 43.5
6 | Chevalier Bouchet | \ + 54.3
7 | Jislova | \ + 56.0
8 | Prussian | \ + 1: 00,3

Biathlon: Eckhoff wins persecution of the ladies in Kontiolahti, Herrmann Third: The Liveticker for reading

Another podium for Herrmann: Denise Herrmann seems finally arrived this season! After their victory in the sprint, the 33-year-old also delivers a very strong race in the persecution and this time proves third place. Also outstanding in the outcome of Franziska Prussia, not once in the penalty and could hold the eighth place. Vanessa Voigt was also in the front field for a long time, but misses a placement under the top ten at the end. Franziska Hildebrand (17th Place) went out on the final round, including Vanessa Hinz (19th) and Janina Hettich (27th) showed good performance.

Biathlon: Persecution of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the Liveticker – Racing end

Eckhoff wins!: Ultimately, the Marte Olsbu Roiseland comes to an end and gets the first success this season! Then Dorothea Wierer storms the second over the finish line and defends her place of Denise Herrmann, who will stand on the podium for the third time this winter. Marte Olsbu Roiseland follows as fourth in front of her teamkollege Karoline Offigstad Knot.

If WiDer stops on two ?: The victory will not take Tiril Eckhoff anymore, but the places are not final behind it. Denise Herrmann gives everything at the last climb and gradually closes to Dorothea Wierer.

Prussian in the tops: Franziska Preuß has actually returned to the goals in an impressive returned today all 20 shots, so she has now arrived at the seventh position and has on the final round of Jessica Jislova from the Czech Republic.

Last shooting: While Anais Chevalier Bouchet with two mistakes from the race for the podium places achieved, Denise Herrmann must be disconnected once. On the second place behind Tiril Eckhoff is now a Dorothea Wierer joined, on the other hand, Vanessa Voigt has to run a total of 300 extrams at a total of 300 extrams.

Last shooting: Again it is called for Tiril Eckhoff on the shooting range the rest. Her lead is great, it may allow mistakes, but she is still to look at the tension and she needs a little until she has the rhythm. Finally, the Norwegians also set two shots next to the goal.

Herrmann is back: Denise Herrmann has snapped on the route the Frenchwoman Anais Chevalier Bouchet and is now the first pursuit of Tiril Eckhoff. Ten seconds behind it clamps Vanessa Voigt at the skying of Dorothea Wierer.

Good DSV result possible: For the German Ski Association, a great deal beckons today. Denise Herrmann and Vanessa Voigt Mix anyway since the beginning of the race at the beginning with, also Franziska Preuß and Franziska Hildebrand have now arrived immediately behind the top ten.

3. Shoot: class! Vanessa Voigt comes back without mistakes and sits down at position five very close to Anais Chevalier Bouchet, Denise Herrmann and Dorothea Wierer. Also Franziska Preuß and Franziska Hildebrand shoot quickly and may go back to the route.

3. Shooting: It goes to third shooting and now the runners have to assert themselves for the first time in stopping. Tiril Eckhoff completes the task of perfectly and builds the upholstery at the top, as Denise Herrmann sets the third cartridge next to the goal and turns into the penalty.

Biathlon: Denise Herrmann sprintet in Kontiolahti zum Sieg | Sportschau
It runs at Prussia: The greatest jump has made the Frenchwoman Julia Simon until that time, which has improved by a fault-free shooting of 16th place in the sixth rank. Franziska Preuß is also fine and now arrived at the 15th position.

Hinz in the pursuit field: For Vanessa Hinz, like Vanessa Voigt, a clean work will be a clean work while shooting the key to success. Voigt is one of the best contacts in the entire field anyway, even Hinz has to compensate for its deficit on the trail. Currently she runs on the twelfth place.

2. Shoot: Denise Herrmann clears this time completely, that does anais Chevalier Bouchet. These two athletes are now the first pursuers of Tiril Eckhoff. Also Vanessa Voigt can assert their fourth place, while Stina Nilsson had to be cycled back in the penalty.

2. Shooting: With the upholstery of around a penalty trial, Tiril Eckhoff comes back to the shooting range. Quietly, the Norwegian will be tackling this time, but that pays off, because Eckhoff meets once again all five goals and remains the leader.

Herrmann behind Eckhoff: Despite the one shooting error, Denise Herrmann is still in a good position and runs together with Stina Nilsson behind Tiril Eckhoff at the second position. 19 seconds the residue of the duos is on the top.

Roiseland falls back: Five tracking races have already existed this season, four times triumphed Marte Olsbu Roiseland, which also brought the gold medal at the Olympic Games. Here, the fast Norwegian also missed a slice at the beginning and is currently only on tenth place.

1. Shoot: Vanessa Voigt meets all the slices at their lounger and improves in fourth place. At Vanessa Hinz, it is not that optimal, it will take place once 150 extramaraments. A great shooting delivered Franziska Hildebrand and Franziska Prussia.

1. Shoot: The first women come back to the stadium and must master the first lying stop. Can Denise Herrmann claim their leadership or suggests one of the competitors? The conditions are good, so you have to avoid mistakes. While Herrmann, Stina Nilsson and Hanna Öberg turn into the penalty, Tiril Eckhoff remains without error and takes over the leadership.

Herrmann claims: Denise Herrmann holds her upholstery until the first time at five seconds. All athletes will divide their powers tactically as the round of running in the Finnish forests is quite at the more difficult route in the World Cup calendar.

Prussian is started: Meanwhile, Franziska Hildebrand, Franziska Preuß and Janina affirms the last three German runners on the trail. Prussian is currently looking for her injury and coronapausen the connection to the world’s tip, most recently, the 27-year-old mainly hardened with its services at the shooting range.

SHOPS!: The persecution in Finnish Kontilahti is running! Denise Herrmann pushes itself vigorously as a sprint winer from the start corridor, only a few moments later start their pursuers. In particular, the ragged Tiril Eckhoff, Stina Nilsson and Hanna Öberg will probably want to catch up with the small residue on Herrmann.

Biathlon: Persecution of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the live ticker – start

Before starting: The first Denise Herrmann should definitely not rest, because the distances to the rear are extremely low this time. Only five seconds after the Germans are the Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff and the former Langlaufen Stina Nilsson from Sweden on the route. Another two seconds behind Hanna Öberg, which in turn has anais Chevalier bouchet sitting in the neck. Overall, the first 18 runners are within a minute, which is why, among other things, Marte Olsbu Roiseland, Elvira Öberg, Dorothea Wierer and Julia Simon will be considered.

Before starting: The Swiss team could not build on the outstanding performance after the strong fifth place in the season on Thursday in single races. Being the first Swiss equal to Aita Gasparin as 22nd with a residue of 1:09 minutes on the trail, expected only for you is still a front placement possible. At Lena Häcki (+1: 38 minutes) and Selina Gasparin (+2: 12 minutes) it is initially a faultless appearance on the shooting range, in contrast, Elisa Gasparin could not qualify for the persecution.

Before starting: The starting situation in the Austrian ski association is due to this time Dunja Zdouc achieved in yesterday’s sprint the best result in the red-white-red team, which at the start on the 19th place just over a minute Residue in Denise Herrmann will have. By contrast, Lisa Theresa Hauser (+1: 14 minutes) did not cope specifically on the shooting range and now needs a catch-up. While Julia Schwaiger (+1: 34 minutes) completes the team as a third Austrian, Anna Joth has not made the leap in the pursuers of the best 60 athletes.

Before starting: According to the class appearance of Denise Herrmann in the sprint, the single Olympic champion will go into the persecution as a hunting. I do not like the routes that way, but somehow me always succeed here’s good races, “said the 33-year-old yesterday after her eighth World Cup victory. Also in the middle of the world’s top is Vanessa Voigt, which is used as sixth only 16 seconds to Herrmann on the track. Vanessa Hinz (+36 seconds), whose qualities are above all on the shooting range, wants to defend place twelve. A little further back in the field are Franziska Hildebrand (+1: 15 minutes), Franziska Preuß (+ 1: 24.5 minutes) and Janina Hettich (+1: 51.1 minutes) take the competition.

Before starting: In addition to German, a number of other runners also squinted on the victory. Among them, for example, the Norwegian Marte Olsbu Roiseland. Wins the 31-year-old today in Finland, then your winning win in the discipline standings would not actually be accepted.

Before starting: after your victory in yesterday’s sprinklets, the Thuringian Denise Herrmann, of course, wants to replace today. But the competition is great!

Before starting: **** Scene of the spectacle will be the Finnish community of Contilahti. From point 12.45 clock it should start here.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the LiveTicker today’s persecution race of ladies.

Biathlon: Persecution of the ladies in Kontiolahti today in Liveticker – Transfer to TV and Livestream

Good news for all fans and interested! The race is now transferred from two providers today. It will be possible to pursue the event both in the free TV and in the free livestream. All questions about the topic of transmission we have clarified in this article.

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Biathlon: Persecution of the ladies in Kontiolahti today in the live ticker – the World Cup total

Rank Name Points
1 Marte Olsbu Roiseland (NOR) 685
2 Elvira Öberg (SWE) 599
3 Dzinara Alimbekava (BLR) 589
4 Hanna Öberg (SWE) 525
5 Lisa Theresa Hauser (AUT) 502

… |… |…
15 | Denise Herrmann (GER) | 332
16 | Vanessa Voigt (ger) | 323