Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands contains several collectibles and chestware, which can be found in the usual and open world. One of the most common is Lucky Dice. That’s what they are used for.

Lucky Dice can be found in the usual and open world. Lucky Dice first of all increases the chance of good luck in mining . You can view the current chance for good luck with prey can be seen in the statistics of your hero on the skill screen. If you are near Lucky Dice, you hear a weak sound in the direction of Lucky Dice.

Happy bones found in the usual world also give gold when they are raised. If you collect all 260 happy cubes, and you will get a permanent + 20% to good luck in the prey. . Happy bones found in the usual world are often blocked by the main development of the plot, which gives additional ways to move along the usual world.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Lucky Dice Locations in Snoring Valley
Lucky Dice, collected in the areas of the Open World, will give prey, as well as gold. . Lucky Dice often drops extraction of rare and epic quality , so the hunt for them can be a valuable way to find good prey. You can check how many Lucky Dice is in each area in Map menu in the Progress section .

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