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“Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” Additional Story DLC “Case Book of Kazumi Koji” Introduces two battle styles that utilize the characteristics of Koji!

Sega Co., Ltd. is a Download Content (DLC) “Casebook of Maei,” where you can deliver the “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” scheduled to be distributed March 28, 2022, and the Casebook of Kashiwajima is different from Yagami We introduce battle style of Sao who can enjoy the sense of play.

Sega Co., Ltd. is a Download Content (DLC) “Casebook of Maei,” where you can deliver the “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” scheduled to be distributed March 28, 2022, and the Casebook of Kashiwajima is different from Yagami We will introduce the battle style of Koji where you can enjoy the sense of play.

# “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” DLC “Casebook of Masanji Maruji” Special Site


# Battle style of Kudo

There are two types of Battle Style of Kudo, “Kachimi” and “Teppan” that leverage Toughness, which is a characteristic of Sato.

# # “Kachimi” style

It is a battle style that has a breakthrough power that embodies the abandoned “beating” that is the top of Kato. We use characteristic techniques such as “Hajiki” and “Neida counterattack” that make a gap for a chance.

▼ “Hajiki” that makes the enemy that the enemy has set up with wild cans and creates a gap for a moment.

▼ Immediately after receiving an attack, it will be a “Negative counterattack”.

# # “Teppan” style

In a battle style with an involving power that eliminates the body and eliminates the surrounding enemies, you can withstand the enemy’s attack, grabbing the object, grabbing the object and use techniques such as “immediate weapon attack” used to offense.

▼ Astonishing protection technique “Just Teppan” that bounces all attacks of the enemy.

▼ Large large bike lifting and swinging powerful attacks are unique to Sao!

# # Powerful Special Move

Battle Skille of Kudo can be worn by using scenario progression and survey action as well as the main character of the main story.

▼ Give the enemy’s attack and then grab and lift it, lift it, and damage your body Damage “Teppan” style EX action “EX, airtight against anti-fighting”.

# “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” DLC “Casebook of Masaharu Maruji”

“Casebook of Masanji Maruji” is an additional download content that uses the Barbaru Yagami’s Bar and Kashiwaji, who can enjoy the post-incidents in the “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory”.

A new incident began in Tokyo and Mayumo-cho, where Yakami is out of business trip, and new incidents involved in the past of Sao.

Hachiku manipulates a sense of play that can enjoy a sense of play, and utilizes a powerful battle style and a wild survey action to solve the truth of the incident!

# Download Content “Case Book of Masanji Maruji” Product Overview

Corresponding model: PlayStation (R) 4, PlayStation (R) 5, Xbox ONE, Xbox series X | S Delivery date: March 28, 2022 (Mon) Delivery schedule retail price: 3,000 yen (tax-included 3,300 yen)

※ We need to purchase a separate product version to use “Casebook of Masanji Maruji”.
※ If you have already purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition and All-In-One Season Path, you can play from the TOP screen after delivery.

# “Lost Judgment: Saying Memory” Product Overview

Product Name: Lost Judgment: Subscribed Memories
Compatible models:
PlayStation (R) 4, PlayStation (R) 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S
※ Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S is only for sale of digital version
Release Date: Launched (September 24, 202 (Fri) Released)
Suggested retail price:
Normal version and digital version: 8,290 yen (tax included 9,119 yen)
Digital Deluxe Edition: 12,290 yen (tax included 13,519 yen)
Genre: Legal Suspense Action
Number of plays: 1 person
Release and sales: Sega Co., Ltd.
CERO: D classification (target for 17 years old or older)
Copyright notice: (C) SEGA
Official site: https: //judgment.sega.com/
Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/judge_sega
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judge_sega/
Official line: https: //line.me/r/ti/p/@395QBHzt

[Cast] Takuya Kimura Tamaki Yamamoto Mitsudo Mitsuyoshi / Nakao
[Screenplay] Takeshi Furuda

# Digital Deluxe Edition Set Contents

· “Lost Judgment: Capture Memory” Download Vintage Hen, Additional Download Content “All-In-One Season Pass” ※ The following three content can be enjoyed. (1) Detective life fulfilling pack (during delivery) → DLC pack (2) Youth drama full pack (under delivery) → user drama is thoroughly set up with the item for deepening the story and side content of this work more deeply DLC Pack (3) Additional Content for Playing Various Additional Content (3) Additional Story “Case Book of Masaharu Maruji” (March 28, 2012) → Yakami’s Bar and Masaichi Masaichi

※ Please check the official site for details of content.

※ All screens are developing and are of PlayStation (R) 5 edition.

■ Company name and product name described are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

Explanation of the styles of Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to switch between agile and strong style

This new delivery of the Pokémon franchise is revolutionizing things in a way that fanatics had not seen before. There is an entire open world to explore while we travel to the past of the Singh region. There are also new ways to fight you should know. This is what you need to know about agile style and strong style in Pokémon Legends Areas .

Pokémon Legends Areas agile style and strong-style guide

Pokémon can now change between two styles during battles and each has different effects on combat skills and statistics. The use of Agile Style will increase the speed of a Pokémon, which gives them the opportunity to perform additional attacks at the expense of reducing the power of these attacks. Using Agile Style will also spend more PP by movement.

You will want to use this style to get a slight advantage and finish battles essentially stealing the turns of your opponent. It is an excellent way to inflict a state effect and then attack immediately without losing a turn.

This could also be a good option if you think you can not resist too many attacks, but you need more than one attack to win.

On the other hand, Strong Style does exactly the opposite in the Pokémon Legends Areas battle system. Increase the power of the Pokémon at the expense of reducing its speed. This means that it will potentially allow the opposite Pokémon attack twice. Using this style will also spend more pp per movement.

Strong Style should be used when you think your Pokémon can resist multiple incoming attacks and can earn a battle with very few movements.

How to Unlock Agile Style & Strong Style Moves in Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to switch between agile style and strong style

To switch between agile style and strong style in Pokémon Legends Areas, you simply have to press L or R when you highlight a movement during a battle. Press L to select agile style and R to select strong style.

A brief scene will be played that indicates the style you like. It is also important to pay attention to the order of shifts in the upper right corner of the screen because it will change from different shapes according to the chosen style.

That’s all you need to know about agile style and strong style and how to alternate between them in Pokémon Legends Areas **. Be sure to check our Game Wiki guide to find more tips, tricks and other useful information if you are looking for more suggestions.

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