The last seconds of the game could enjoy Steffen Baumgart at the TV completely relaxed on the TV. The technical delay of the digital TV signal made it possible. In reality, the final whistle had already sounded in Cologne-Müngersdorf, while he was trembling in the living room and that was exactly what he was communicated by phone – shaking off stress was announced at the coach who lit at home in Cologne-Widdersdorf in his Corona quarantine.

Sports Chief Jakobs: “Four points to fetch Freiburg in a season, which testifies to good work”

Of course, what he had previously seen he should give him confidence for the future and sustainably confirm that working with this squad is fruits and rewarded. “Four points to fetch Freiburg in a season that testifies to good work,” sports chief Jörg Jakob, who saw parallels to the first leg, analyzed, but also a “great development”. At that time, the FC had a guided tour of the last minute still given out of hand. This time, in the hectic ultimate phase, a corner series of the Freiburg, to finally spend the last few minutes to spend clever deep in the opposing half, in turn, three corners in succession out and no longer in danger until the final whistle.

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Timo Hübers, one of the main responsibility for the second “zero” game of the season, knew after the final whistle what his team had done and also what he had happened to him: “It was a happy ending. We would have over Not allowed to complain. ” The blond button took over after the departure from Rafael Czichos like automatically the role of defensive chief, also convinced against the SC Freiburg: “Anticipating, draining balls, go into the headball duels,” he described “his” game, “a lot was there.”

Modeste: “Then we’ll see”

Nobody wanted to contradict the blond chop in the summer from Hanover to Cologne, which was similar to Freiburg as Sieggarant as Anthony Modeste. “He is our life insurance,” Keeper Marvin Schwäbe was clearly in the Sky microphones, “we can rely on him, that’s what we need.” The Frenchman made modestly, spontaneously thought of Steffen Baumgart (“It was especially without coach!”), However, if his absence did not want to attach much importance: “We know what we need to do.” Holding points include, as soon as possible, the 40 counters are supposed to prevent the descent safely. And then? Anthony Modeste remains quiet as at the Goal Shot: “Then we’ll see.”