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FSR 2.0 is now in the Cyberpunk 2077, but not yet officially

Modders have already done a lot for Cyberpunk 2077, and all modifications for the game are virtually impossible to list. Now these people have reached and the AMD FSR 2.0 image published a couple of days ago.

Now everyone can follow Nexus Mods and download the modification from there, which will replace the DLSS in Cyberpunk 2077 with FSR 2.0, which will allow you to use the temporal apusieler on completely any video card. The performance of this fashion has already been checked even on Steam Deck. Modder himself checked the modification on the GTX 1080, and FSR 2.0 allowed him to get 45 frames of the average framework in 4K resolution, while in the native 4k personnel there were half as much. What settings Modder tested the game, not reported, but obviously not at maximum.

Here is a small video with FSR 2.0 testing with maximum graphics settings without using rays tracing.

The process of replacing DLSS with FSR 2.0, apparently, is extremely simple, which is facilitated by the DLSS libraries in format.dll, which the modder simply replaces with the possibility of transferring NVIDIA DLSS commands to AMD FSR 2.0. In theory, a similar modification can be done for any game with DLSS inside.

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