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Multiversus: The fighting game is a sales success in July despite being free

After leading the list for a few months, Elden Ring and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga They went up to second and third place respectively in the ranking of the best-selling video games of the month of July in the United States, for Leave the first place for the free fighting game, Multiversus . From the beginning, the game has reached a meteoric popularity , with an estimated count of 12 million players since its launch at Early Access on July 19. And not only that, but also one of the most played titles in the Steam Deck portable console.

Although the Warner Bros. Games game is Free-to-Play, Multiversus heads monthly sales due to the popularity of their offers with the founder pack , which cost between 40 and 100 dollars, according to the investigation firm market It is not clear exactly how many packages of individual founders were sold, or how much is the total amount, since the press release has not revealed those numbers.


still far behind the great games of the year

Multiversus still remains far behind other 2022 sales giants such as Elden Ring, Pokémon Legends: Arceus , Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Horizon Forbidden West , that have had great success since their respective releases. In fact, although he headed the lists in July, Multiversus is not among the 20 best-selling games of the year.

However, it has been a great year for Warner Bros games, since Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, released in April, was the third best-selling game in the US. Uu. Last month, and more potential giants are on the way of development. In fact, Warner Bros. Interactive will launch Gotham Knights in October 2022 , and next year a game based on Suicide Squad , the contingent of antiheroes of DC Comics will follow it next year.

Asmongold does not believe that the Avengers fit in Kingdom Hearts 4

Square Enix launched a trailer of Corazones of the kingdom 4 last weekend, and is generating a lot of speculation by fanatics. A segment of the trailer has caused quite a rumor that the game could present characters and elements of the Star Wars universe. If that is the case, it is not exaggerated to imagine that Marvel’s characters may also appear. During a recent transmission, Mongold weighed that possibility, affirming that he did not believe that heroes like the avengers fit well in the game.

“Personally, I really do not feel that the avengers fit with the theme of Kingdom Hearts. I think maybe Hulk yes, in a way? But I feel that the theme of Kingdom Hearts is much more cheerful. But, again, you have someone like Sephiroth too, so, Hmmm, I do not know. It depends, “Asmongold reflected.

The Streamer compared Kingdom Hearts with the Super Smash Bros. franchise, “but all are on the same team.” The comparison is quite successful, since Kingdom Hearts has brought characters from very different Disney franchises, while Super Smash Bros. presents a unique combination of fighters from different video games. Asmongold continued noting that Nintendo’s fighting game has also presented amazing characters in recent years, including Simon Belmont and Solid Snake. Given that, Kingdom Hearts may also play against expectations with characters like the Avengers!

For now, Kingdom Hearts fans will only have to wait and see what they do Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix have planned for the next game. For the few images we have seen so far, it seems that developers are planning some interesting things for the sequel, and fans are clearly intrigued by what will come later. Hopefully, more information about the game will be revealed soon, but until then, fanatics will only have to speculate!

Asmongold Wants Marvel OUT Of Kingdom Hearts 4
Would you like to see Marvel characters in Corazones of the 4 kingdom? Or do you think that the characters should stay separate? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Kingdom Hearts IV: 4 Possible Disney Worlds, Marvel and Star Wars for Game

Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced on yesterday and, as is natural, it is a very important megaton in the videogame industry. This is so because it is a saga that does not leave indifferent: or you love it, or hate it. The adventure of Sora, Goofy and Donald takes us through a lot of worlds of Disney , while offering us a really dense story with some Final Fantasy characters by means.

And one of the particularities of which is most spoken before the definitive announcement and the exit of the game is nothing other than that same, that of the Disney worlds. In Kingdom Hearts we have been able to visit the worlds of Aladdin , Toy story or sirenita , for quoting some. It is time to elucubrate about what they can reach in the future.

Break Ralph

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reaction & Breakdown | Star Wars and Marvel Worlds In Kingdom Hearts?
This first option is a bit trap, because break Ralph already appears in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross , but it would be very interesting to see a 3D version of this world in the fourth numbered delivery. Break Ralph and Ralph Rompe Internet are two Disney movies that have a lot to do with video games, and that would allow a lot of additional cages at Kingdom Hearts.

You could even play with the format, to the point of offering us a pixelated sword wrench or a fairly fun atmosphere. The last movie dates from 2018, so it could fit by dates.

Marvel and his superheroes

This is more than possible for this fourth installment. Disney has the rights of Marvel superhero comics and it is more than feasible than any of them appearing by Kingdom Hearts 4. Maybe we do not expect to see too many heroes, but something emulating The first movie of the Avengers , or a world like that of x-men could well happen.

The options are almost unlimited for Sora and company. A Manhattan with colleague spiderman, a tower of the fantastic four and the threat of some supervillain, or even go to space with the guardians of the galaxy. These are very real possibilities.

Star Wars.

And in the same way that Marvel and Superheroes of him are a possibility, there is also the one of going to a very far planet. Star Wars is also owned by Disney, which opens the door to visit places like Tatooine , Coruscant , Dagobah or Hoth . Because yes, we all hope to use a laser sword wrench.

Similarly, there are many narrative arches that could adopt Kingdom Hearts 4 within the world of Star Wars. Maybe we could start for something like the Mandaloriano and meet Grogu , but it is clear that we all want to share with Anakin , Luke and company.


We already have covered Disney Animation Studios, Star Wars and Marvel. We have to close the list with some pixar, the award-winning animation studio also owned by Disney. And for this occasion we have decanted by coco as an option. The Mexican atmosphere would be somewhat tremendously interesting for Kingdom Hearts 4 . Since the film was launched in 2017, a calendar level with the development of this video game.

There would be any more worthy movie to be mentioned, as from the reverse , the incredible or cars . Of these other three, the one we will discard is the incredible, because we would have superhero stories with Marvel.

Star Wars The Book of Boba Fat: Two iconic figures should return

In recent weeks, The Book of Boba fat came to some Cameo performances, which has returned one or the other figure. On Wednesday, the start of Episode 6 is at Disney + before and again rumors on the Internet, that it will give returnees again this week. If you are not on the booth at The Book of Boba, you should not better read.

Return these characters in The Book of Boba Fat?

Star Wars fans were not amazed badly than Din Djarin out The Mandalorian in the last episode to see and The Book of Boba Fat to Prequel from Season 3 The SCI-FI series with Pedro Pascal made. At the end of the episode there were some hints that probably also Grogu (Baby Yoda) will soon appear again. However, he should not be alone, as Cinelinx claims in a current report.

Legendary Star Wars Character stands before renewed return

The Book of Boba Fett: MY REVIEW
Accordingly, Luke Skywalker could get an appearance in The Book of Boba Fat. Already in the final of the second season of the Mandalorian, Luke was seen in a younger version when he has taken Grogu. So should The Child return on Wednesday, it is quite possible that Luke Skywalker will be on his side.

Also actor Max Llyod-Jones , who stood in front of the camera as a double of Mark Hamill , has been present at the set of The Book of Boba Fett.

Seasonal Finals by The Book of Boba Fat With Further comeback?

Since the beginning of the SCI-FI series, rumors also circulate about a return in season finals . It should be allegedly around Han Solo . And in fact, it is supposed to see Harrison Ford , which should have interrupted the shoot of Indiana Jones 5 extra for the Cameo appearance. The last episode of The Book of Boba Fat appears on 9. February 2022 .

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