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The last Forspoken trailer has caused shame among fans

One of the games that were most expected for the PS5 was Forspoken, which is published by Square Enix and was officially delayed a couple of weeks ago without such a credible justification. And now, a new trailer has been on the mouth of all fans, since it highlighted strangely, with dialogues that some consider worthy of shame.

The advance presents the gameplay of Frey Holland , showing images of the game and its fluid movements, while she narrates. The problem is that the narrative could be described as a bit strange. The character describes the circumstances in which she is found in a way that people have compared with a character of Joss Whedon or a publication of Tumblr .

Some people felt so alien to the trailer that they created parodies through other games such as Bloodborne . They have emerged quite curious tweets and has led many to wonder how he will respond Square Enix to this. Although the script is expected to be changed.

Here are some of the answers to the video:

They actually hired this guy as a writer.

Bloodborne style parody.

Let me see if I understand…

I’m somewhere in New Mexico

I’m seeing damn drug lords

And-Oh yes-I’m cooking methamphetamine

Yes, that’s fine, that’s something I do now.

He is just behind me, right?

Remember that Forspoken launches on January 24, 2023.

20 years Kingdom Hearts: Was it all Square Enix?

The popular “Kingdom Hearts” series celebrates a round birthday and, while fans congratulate happily around the world, Publisher Square Enix only announces a toy. A disappointing jubilee or is there anything else? A comment.

Happy Birthday, Kingdom Hearts

On the 28th. March 2002 appeared Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2 in Japan. So almost exactly 20 years ago. A beautiful anniversary ** and a perfect occasion to celebrate the popular video game series around Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Experience 20 Years of Kingdom Hearts...

After all, Kingdom Hearts is a true PlayStation classic and next to Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest most popular video game series by Publisher Square Enix.

But what makes it all the sadder that the 20th birthday was celebrated without a real highlight . There were no big announcements or surprises.

Which is not quite right. Something has already been announced. And Although Square Enix publishes the 20th birthday of the “Kingdom Hearts” series Special Tamagotchis :

The Tamagotchis are a nice gimmick , but are expected to be available only in Japan. The rest of the world and, above all Western “Kingdom Hearts” fans, go out. And that was already. Japan Exclusive “Kingdom Hearts” Tamagotchis for a 20th anniversary. Wow…

The hope dies last

Of course, there was also the mandatory congratulations via Twitter . For example, “Kingdom Hearts” Creator and Designer Tetsuya Nomura, which were proclaimed the official “Kingdom Hearts” -twitter Account:

In the Tweet Nomura thanks for the many congratulations and speak briefly the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts” event that should take place on 10th April . On this occasion, he has already started working on new artworks. These pencil drawings you can see in said tweet.

Also quite nice is the picture, which has published the official “Final Fantasy VII Remake” account on the occasion of the anniversary on Twitter:

On that you can see protagonist cloud as he posing in front of a typical “Kingdom Hearts” background. The image is a tribute to the first Kingdom Hearts Cover for the PlayStation 2.

But back to the already mentioned event, because even if the birthday of Kingdom Hearts was rather disappointing for fans, a big event will take place on April 10, 2022.

Hopefully there are announcements and surprises, which is a 20. Jubläum are worthy.

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