In MMORPG LOST ARK a lot of activities. You can perform quests, swim around the world and fight various monsters. These include bosses that can be found in various locations. One of them is the boss chagging, which can make you think where to find a chagging in the “Lost Ark”.

You can find Kagrosa on Spindland Island . You will see a big egg lying close to the center of the island. When the boss is available, you must get an egg with a kirk. You will need to break a few layers until a white egg opens. Attack and destroy it to encourage the chagging.

how to win a chagging in Lost Ark

Kagros – boss, and therefore he has a lot of health – several clocks, in fact. Therefore, you will need to apply a lot of damage to defeat it. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find other players nearby, which will help you to fight with a barros. We definitely recommend to fight this boss together with others.

Most of the accuracy attacks have short distances . Most of all you need to watch when the kagros radiates three green fire and starts to rotate . Avoid these lights, as they can kill you instantly. Three other attacks on a short distance in front of the stroke: attack claws, attack in the jump and shooting with three spears.

Kagrosa has Big Attack on Square Where the subjects are low from the sky. They will appear around him and explode on Earth. If you stay on an average distance from the corrosion, you can defeat it without getting too much damage.

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