Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) conducts pre-reservation ahead of the formal launch of Real Baseball Games ‘Com2us Pro Baseball V22’ (Company V22).

Combiatra V22 is a high-quality baseball game title that Com2us has developed more than 20 baseball games production know-how. Domestic representative real baseball game series ‘Com2us Pro baseball’ is characterized by achieving the authenticity of IP and aiming for MZ generations to add casual performance.

Com2us has opened the official brand page prior to the launch of the compute V22 and entered the reservation reception. Any pre reservation can be applied, and through the brand page, you can also check the features of the compute V22 and detailed game information.

The compartment V22 supports free screen switching that can play the game in the desired direction in the horizontal direction, depending on the user’s taste. In particular, the first user interface (user interface) optimized for mobile is first introduced to provide a variety of angle screen and one hand-operable game environment.

In addition, it is a 3D head scan, which is more likely to improve the heat of the athlete movement with motion capture, and the heat of the stadium, and the opening of the stadium, and the highest compartment of Castle and Lee, Jung-chul, which are composed of the overwhelming reality of V22.

About com2us baseball 2021

Live content is also applied to the actual program’s grades and records on the player card. Based on League grades, a player re-evaluation and a new card are released, and a system that succeeds the new season’s ability to the new season athletes will also update future. In addition, the actual game image of the highlight mode, which plays the game only in the most crucialist, was also disclosed through the brand page.

Com2us has established an abundant compensation and event for the compilation of the V22 pre-reservation. First, all users who participated in advance reservations provide additional compensation, such as a player card selection pack, depending on the various game items as well as the cumulative participation. In addition, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Saw Pass, and the S22 Ultra, the fuzzy prizes, etc., will also be paid through lottery.

In addition, to encourage the participation of this pre-reservation, we conduct a baseball tendency test that finds a friend invitation event and a baseball player with various benefits to encourage participation.