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This year has elapsed at a glance and we are approaching quickly from the end. Although most of us are probably happy therefore, it is at this time of the year that we should slow down and enjoy the holiday season as long as it lasts. Need a good game to put you in the Christmas spirit? Well, here is a list, without particular order, games with sections, levels or intrigues on the Christmas theme. While seul at the house for NES and The Grinch for PS1 are absolute classics, we are not going to watch Christmas games in this list, just games that have a touch of holiday in them.

10 Games to get you in the holiday spirit

10) Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Traversée of animals constantly change with the seasons. You may have played during the Bunny Day update earlier this spring or Halloween update in October. Well, the winter update is now available and includes a variety of celebrations on the Christmas theme. The last update includes new clothes on the Christmas theme such as Santa Claus costume, new Christmas gifts to manufacture, Christmas decorations, etc. Do not forget to play Christmas Eve, Alias ​​Toy Day, as it is called in the game. While we have specifically chosen to mention _New Horizons in this list, each Traversée of animals the game has an update festive in December – even the oldest titles of the franchise.

Nothing says Christmas like killing Santa Claus. No, seriously, who could have expected a mission pack on Christmas theme in a third-person shooting game without excuses like saints Row. The intrigue is simple, the main antagonist of the game, Zinyak, has locked up Santa for decades and well, he is no longer happy. Santa Claus slowly lost his head in isolation and if he is not saved quickly, he will put everyone on the list of the villains – and believe us, you do not want to be on the list of the villains.

The DLC is short but takes you through levels on the theme of Christmas where you will have to kill men in gingerbread, nut crackers and a bad Santa Mech in the hope of saving Christmas. You do not really kill Santa Claus – In fact, it’s a great ally. The real enemy is Clawz, the monster that Santa Claus will become if he is not stopped. It also adds some new activities, one of which requires you to deliver gifts in Steelport.

Super Mario 64 has some great levels on the theme of winter, but none addresses the theme of Christmas like banjo-kazooie freezeezy peak. Freezeezy Peak may seem to be just another level of snow at first sight, but when you come to the heart of the subject, you will realize that it’s actually a Christmas level. There is a giant Christmas tree and batteries of Christmas gifts. You can even play the role of Santa as you are looking for the level of Boggy’s missing Christmas gifts for his children – he will even give you a Jiggy to do it.

I know that Halloween Town’s name does not really look like a Christmas level, and you have half reason. Since the release of the nightmare before Christmas_ in 1993, there have been a lot of debate on whether the classic of Tim Burton is a Christmas film, a Halloween movie or both. Although I do not go into the debate here (it is the two), there is no debate on the fact that there is a Christmas appearance in the film and, therefore, in the world of Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts II. You can fight alongside Jack Skellington in a Santa Claus costume, what more?

I know, I know, this is the mercenary day, no Christmas, but given the fact that the mercenary day is not real and is really a Christmas parody – it counts. The DLC requires you to spawn a path through Girgertown’s bad snowman to try to find Marcus’s missing weapon cargo. Similar to the activity in Accounting the saints save Christmas_ and the Jiggy in banjo-kazooie, there is even a secondary mission that requires you to gather and deliver gifts. I hope you like to pretend to be Santa Claus in games because there are many.

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