In the 1980s, Saint Seiya was raging among the lovers of Shonen Manga. The story is centered on a dynamic team of young heroes, the saints, engaged in a battle against the gods of Olympus. His immense popularity has led to a crowd of anime adaptations, movies and games that continue to date (the characters of Saint Seiya have even been transformed into a price in machines in Pachinko!). Now a new opus will definitely give fans more than they want – Saint Seiya Awakening: the knights of the zodiac.

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Created in collaboration with Tencent, Yoozoo Games and the author of MANGA Masami Kurumada, this new adaptation is an online rpg of action for the mobile. When it was launched for the first time in some Asian territories, he climbed at the top of the biggest profits in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Now, the rest of the world can participate in the action.

The game draws a lot from manga, giving you the control of a saint whose mission is to protect the goddess Athena. As history advances, you will meet a series of enemies that you will have to defeat during high speed battles in turn. Fight at your side is a collection of warriors that you have gathered along the way. You can collect hundreds of characters from which to build your party. Each includes explosive special movements. The fights are made even more enjoyable by the dynamic 3D graphics that retain the animal style of Saint Seiya.

Join the Saints and Save Athena by downloading for free Saint Seiya Awakening: the Zodiac Knights on the Application Store and Google game **