Sega and Ryujo Studios are the leading role of Kimura Takuya starring legal suspense action “ Lost Judgment: Casebook ” of the Casebook “of Masayoshi Kajime of Cape Corporation ” Two battle styles were released.

This DLC is a wild survey action that made a former Yakuza detectiary and Masayoshi Masashi with Hachiyuki Yachiyuki, and an additional content that you can enjoy the story after the incident of “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory”. This time, we introduce two characteristic battle styles of such a character, “ Casuality ” and “ Teppan “.

# “Kachimi” style to grind the enemy with “breakthrough force”

  • Style embodied “ Casuality “, which is a former Yakuza, Seiji.

  • We will push with bare hands and beat the enemy “ Turning power

  • Hajiki ” which makes the enemy attack withdrawally and creates a gap.

  • Netting counterattack ” that accepts enemy attacks and immediately returns immediately after

# “Teppan” style that stretches the body with “incompetence” and eliminates the enemy

  • Battle style with power of “ dwelling ” to accept the enemy’s attacks without anyone

  • Just Teppan ” that bounces the enemy’s attacks by Naho standing

  • Launch a large bike, swing powerful attack “ immediate weapon attack

# Powerful Special Move

  • Guard enemy attacks and grab and raise it immediately after, lift and lift the “Teppan” style special move “Teppan” style special move “Teppan” style special move “ EX, airtight against fighting

  • The “Battle Skill” provided in each style can be used to use SP (skill points) available in scenario progression and survey action.

“Lost Judgment: Casebook of Judgment” DLC “Casebook of Judgment” DLC “Casebook of Case of Koji” can be experienced with Battle style with Hachishi, also Scheduled to deliver. The price is 3,300 yen (tax included). In addition, you need to purchase a separate product version to play this DLC. Also, if you have already purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition and All-In-One Season Path, you will be able to play from the TOP screen after DLC delivery.