Elden Ring is currently a complete success and also enjoyed very good rating in our test. And if a game is so popular and successful as the soulslike from from Software , then follow the more or less funny modifications for the game after a short while. Numerous memes and ulcious characters are rubbed in the shortest time in the actually gloomy and first setting and accordingly represent an absurd contrast. If you want to have your own Elden Ring experience a little bizarre, you can certainly have the following mods according to the latest patch. Taughture a while.

Elden Ring but ruined by mods

“I think I bought the wrong game…”

It is not unusual to see popular figures as mods in PC games. Homer Simpson, for example, is at the latest since the classic Simpsons: Hit and Run repeatedly represented with a 3D model. Also Sonic and Shrek does not lack it on games that could be imported 3D models. In the past, there were already examples of how bizarre and sometimes unpleasant these combinations could end up in a variety of games like Jedi Academy or Garry’s Mod.

Now Sonic, Shrek and Homer have also made a lot of personally in the Elden Ring Universe, including Smash Mouth’s “All Star”. The effect of absurd, the sheer not really capable is clearly achieved, congratulations. Bonus points for a rolling Homer Simpson there is on top.

Thomas the little, deadly locomotive

Thomas, the small locomotive is a popular representative in the category “Things I never wanted to see”. Combinations with Sonic 2D games or Garry’s Mod has previously been numerous. Why exactly the figure of an old children’s series over the years has become such a symbol of Meme culture, remains hard to answer. Apparently, a droll of traveling train with a view to the beyond is an ever-usable template.

After these creative products in the Wild West of the Internet, Thomas we see Thomas the small locomotive not only as a Sonic-blend or murderous team fortress 2 character, but now as a riding of an opponent in Elden Ring (Buy Now 53,98 € / 50.99 €). The flying horse, over which we have already reported, can probably not keep up.

In the end, such mods are a confirmation for the success of Elden Rings. What is successful or popular is that is rubbed to memes or combined with numerous memes. However, there are currently less gratifying news about Elden Ring, such as questionable working conditions at FROM Software, which we reported.

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