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Everyday update of Everyday, 9th anniversary

The Wemoid Connect (Representative Lee Hooro) said it will carry out updates and events to the 9th anniversary of the 9th anniversary of our mobile game ‘Every Town’, which is a mobile game ‘Ebriatown’.

‘Ebrytown’ is a 9th anniversary theme to the sea, and reflects the colorful contents that reflects them sequentially. First of all, through the primary update of today, the production facility ‘Premium Cajun Cage Seafood Gall offers’, ‘Bring Salmon Pipes’, ‘Tani Ocean Harvarians, and Theme Park’ Bring Sea Food Festival Ⅰ, Ⅱ ‘, Royal Resort’ Bright Palace ‘New Village’ Chefbring ‘has been added, and the new Colleners’ Sea’s Scent’, which allows you to get the sweet cards and research points of collection, and new cultivated “The scent of the sea” was also new.

In the second (Tue), the second, the background ‘Ocean City’, and the sky landscape ‘Sky Aries’, and Theme Park ‘Bring Sea Food Camping I, II’ is added. In addition, various updates for improving the convenience of users will be held together.

ASCENSION SYMPTOMS and UPGRADES happening now You ain't dying | DNA ACTIVATION ● The EVENT

The WMADIDID Connect proceeds to the users who have been tested for the users who showed steady interest and love for ‘Ebriatown’ for nine years. First of all, from today, we will notify the special item ‘9th anniversary trophy’ from today, and from March 5, the theme park ‘Hydrangea Park II’ is also presented.

There is also a compensation for a specific period of time. In addition to the existing connection compensation of the existing access compensation from March 3 to 13, we presented three kinds of materials to create a ‘spring flower rabbit doll specialty’ and a specialty store, and on a specific date on March 5 (Sat) ‘SS Classification Random Box’, ‘Domoquoter’, ‘Seed’, ‘Heart’, etc. Paid goods and items in the game are also available.

The representative work of the WMATE Connect ‘Ebrytown’ is a longevity mobile game that has been steadily loved by domestic and global users until the 9th anniversary of the Services in 2013. Detailed information on the 9th anniversary update and event of ‘Ebriatown’ is available for more information on the official café.

Sudden Attack, Sudden Pass Extension Edition 2022 Season 1 Royal Pass Update

Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) introduced the ‘2022 Season 1 Royal Pass,’ 2022 Season 1 Royal Pass, which is a ‘Sudden Pass’ expansion on the online FPS game ‘Sudden Attack’, and has introduced a character ‘C. Zero’ capable of customizing.

This update provides a “Royal Pass” until March 31, and provides a character ‘C. Zero’ and Customizing only by completing the quest. Pants can be applied from hairstyles to top, and can be applied to the bottom, and can be more personalized.

The ‘Royal Pass Season 1 (2022)’ product can be created at the same time, “Roall Path” and ‘Royal Pass’ are created at the same time, and the compensation of the two paths can be sequentially obtained according to the level up to the 60 level. ‘Royal Upgrade Season 1 (2022)’ can be obtained immediately, immediately, the existing ‘Sudden Pass’ is upgraded to the’ Royal Pass’, and the Royal Pass’ compensation can be further obtained depending on the path level.

PBS NewsHour full episode, Feb. 14, 2022
Along with this, the “Heart X), which is made of the heartbreaker concept that supports solo, appears as a new weapon skin by March 17th. In the case of three or more of the ‘Heart X’ skin weapons, 30% of experience and 30% of the point 30% are provided as a set effect.

Nexon commemorates new skins, “TRG21 (IS) ‘,’ AK47 (IS) ‘,’ UAR_V2 (IS) ‘,’ PEACEMAKER (S ) ‘,’ Heart X Weapon Permanent Options’, which consists of ‘AXE Heart X’, and so on.

More information on ‘2022 Season 1 Royal Pass’ can be found on the official homepage of ‘Sudden Attack’.

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