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Vanilla Wears Magic RTS “Grim Grimore Oncemore” announced, to July 28 release. Remaster with new element

Japan’s one software announces “ Grimogrimore Oncemore ” on April 14th. I announced that it was released on July 28th. The compatible platform is PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch, the price is tax included 5478 yen. Novel elements have been added based on the contents of the “Grimogrimore” original version.

“Grimogrimore Oncemore” is a magic fantasy RTS that repeatedly avoids disaster recurring. Development is vanillaware. It is a remastered version of “Grim Grimore” for PlayStation 2 released in 2007. The stage of this work is a magical school that only boys and girls with excellent magic talent can be entered. At the same school, great wizard Gammel Dralask has been the principal, and the Girl of the devil who defeated by the principal was used as a learning building.

The hero’s Lille Buru is a girl who just came to Magic School. She first touched her magical book and starts to walk to her wizard way. However, she was also excited to dance her chest during her bundle. After 5 days after she entered, her learning house “Silver Star Tower” attacked a disaster, and everything in the tower loses his life. Naturally, Relle is also attacked by a disaster, but when she noticed, he went back to time, and she was back 5 days ago. Relle repeats 5 days, and will face a disaster that attacks the tower of silver stars and mystery.

Lille looks for her clues while receiving classes at Magic School. The incident is not constant in the daily life of magic schools, such as someone and Golem’s runaway, but when it is caught in a contest, the magical battle is developed. She borrows the power of Grimoa to summon the magic and fight the wizard battle.

The magic game is a distinct fantasy theme RTS (real-time strategy). In the magic game, you need mana to summon the magic with the pleasure. Because her mana can be collected from crystal, first, using her hand-held usage and mana to ensure a means of obtaining her mana. She calls the magic using resources and defeats the enemy’s use while defeating the magician of the friend, and it will be victory if you destroy all the enemy magic.

The magic used by Lille is classified into four types of spirit magic / alternative / black magic / alchemy, and multiple magic surfaces exist for each magic type. In addition to the usage magic that can be summoned for each magic square, power-ups such as the size of the magician and the increase in the type of magic who can be used to strengthen and summon the magic team.

Many unique units appear to be a dragon that is summoned in a cute fairy or egg condition, and the use of the physical attack. Mana application and unit operation, strategy and local battle both hold the key of the magic battle. Also during the magic battle, the story progressed by the standing picture and the voice. A wizard with a wizard is drawn to struggle to destroy the destruction after 5 days.

GrimGrimoire™ Official - Game Trailer PS2 HD

In the remastered “Grimogrimore Oncemore”, the graphics are first high resolution. By becoming HD image quality, beautiful visuals evolved sharply. It seems that the magical war situation is easy to grasp because the screen ratio has become wide. In addition, the voice was prepared in the original version, but in the remastered version, the voice actor in charge is changed, and a new voice actor voice is recorded. Not only drama parts, but also the voice in battle has been added, and the voice is likely to draw new sides of Rele and her friends by voice.

In the Magical Bargain, great magic and skill tree were added. Although the large magic is limited to the number of times of use, it is a powerful magic that has the effect of changing the war. Several large magic exists such as “Manava strike” that gives a wide range of flame damage and “resurrection” to recover allies. At the time of activation, it seems that the cut-in anime of Lille is also seen.

In addition, in Skill Tree, you can pay coins and strengthen the magic or magic. In the remastered version, a mission different from the victory condition has been introduced to each stage. You can use coins that can be obtained when you clear the mission. As a reinforcement content, manual mining speed up and usage moving speed up, and use magic, new skill acquisition of usage, etc. are prepared. Skill Tree seems to spread the bandwidth. In the magic game, the difficulty hard is adjusted, and it has a more challenging content. Besides, the fast-forwarding function of combat and drama part and the creation of a save function. The gallery function contains 90 or more illustrations produced towards the original and remastered version.

“Grimogrimore Oncemore” is scheduled to be released on July 28 for 5478 yen including tax for PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. In line with the announcement, official sites and videos are also released.

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“Knights in the Nightmare” Remastered version, Nintendo Switch to release on April 7 this year. Barrage Action Puzzle Simulation RPG Revives

Sting Co., Ltd. announced on March 17, “ Knights in the Nightmare Remastered version on April 7, 2022. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch, which is software for download. The price is tax-included 2860 yen. Book at Nintendo E shop from March 31st.

“Knights in the Nightmare”, which has revealed the release date, was released for Nintendo DS in 2008, and transplantation for PSPs is also d1. Knights in the It is the remastered version of Nightmare. In this work, the player will be a soul whisp that will be a soul widow, commanded by a sword without a soul and fighting with the demons on the square. It meets the victory conditions of each stage within the restriction turn and proceeds with adventure. The game screen appears as a simulation game, and there is also an action element. During the battle, you must conduct command while avoiding the enemy emerging. In addition, there are RPG elements that appear more than 140 knights that can be conducted.

PlayStation Exclusive Leaks For Nintendo Switch + More State Of Play Coming!

In the remastered version of this work, with such an action puzzle, tactical element, etc., as it is, it is equipped with a UI renewal and new function that helps easy to play. Content additions such as collection elements and new modes are also performed. First of all, for graphics, we refine the character illustration and HD the whole body illustration. All interfaces have been updated.

Then, the operation corresponds to both touch and analog sticks, and can be enjoyed by the desired operation. As a new function from the remastered version, in addition to the retry function that simplifies the continue function and the stage reproduction of the auto save, an option that can perform volume, screen, touch operation adjustment, etc. is also implemented. Besides, functions for beginners are also included, such as exceptional equipment functions that automatically install equipment with one button, adding tutorial missions, and easy modes that can be focused on the battle. It will be more friendly to the unique and complex gameplay of this work.

Various content is also added. As a collection element, a sound collection and past scene browsing function that can be viewed such as BGM. It is also adjusted for talk collection. In addition, “Yugudora ed” that needed interlocking with “Yugudra Union”, which is the same studio work, will be banned by hard mode clear. And, as a new mode, the content “Bosslash battle” for super-sen senior operators who can not be saved and a hidden option that can enjoy unusual play is also implemented. The presence of “ENEMI Double Speed ​​Mode” and “Hell Mode” is revealed. Besides, a large number of adjustments and additional functions are incorporated.

“Knights in the Nightmare” Remastered version is scheduled to be released as a download software for Nintendo Switch on April 7. The price is tax-included 2860 yen, and reserved at Nintendo E shop from March 31st. In addition, this work has also been predicted for Android / IOS, which may also be revealed in the near future.

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