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That needs GTA 6 when GTA 5 looks so good with mod?

In spite of numerous rumors and Leaks around GTA 6, there is sadly no official material or a concrete release date for the open world action game by Rockstar Games. A excellent mod for the precursor GTA 5 are now offered for download, which must the lengthy waiting time even more than just to drive.

GTA 5 never looked so good

It is a further created variation of the Mod Natural Vision , which has been on the marketplace for numerous years. The existing version Naturalvision Advanced turns the now nine-year-old GTA 5 a aesthetically exceptionally remarkable experience . This is very simple to see especially in the just released Video clip , in which scenes from the initial variation with those from the mod are directly compared. The difference is virtually frightening: thanks to the Natural Vision Evolved , the graphic jobs nearly a photo-realistic . This is particularly excellent in the vehicles, for instance, which look like authentic reflections and high-resolution structures ** life.

On the integrity of the game world in basic, the graphics renovation of the mod have really favorable effects. That in fact needs a GTA 6 that is intended to likewise go right into a photo-realistic visuals?

How do you get the mod?

You are able to download and install a early access version of the Mod . With a matching economic support your access to the download of the current version.

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The existing variation Naturalvision Developed transforms the currently nine-year-old GTA 5 a visually exceptionally remarkable experience . Who really requires a GTA 6 that is intended to additionally go right into a photo-realistic visuals? You are able to download and install a early accessibility version of the Mod .

Release date, trailer, platforms and more of Kingdom Hearts 4

Kingdom Hearts fans know the pain to wait for the next large console version, which feels like an eternity. The original production announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 was on E3 2013, but came into the shelves only six years later in 2019. When we saw Sora for the first time in the squareum on the event for the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, the immediate question we all had: “When is the release date of Kingdom Hearts 4?

Luckily we should not go on the waiting for so long release date of Kingdom Hearts 4 as we made it with KH3. As it looks like, the developer Square Enix holds the Unreal Engine – the engine to which he has changed from his in-house Luminous Engine halfway through the development of KH3 – and also in the future. With luck, it should not take more than half a decade until we see more of Sora and his friends.

After what we have seen so far from the first part of The Lost Master Arc, Square has really improved the rendering of, now yes, all really improved – at least in its advanced footage. We have finally received the confirmation that Sora actually has normal big feet.

Continue reading to learn more about the release date of Kingdom Hearts 4, the trailer, the platforms on which we expect the publication and more.

Release date of Kingdom Hearts 4

The publication date of Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently unknown . Since the game was recently announced, you can pretty sure that it will only come into the shelves in the next few years. As soon as we learn more, we will of course update this guide.

Kingdom Hearts 4-trailer

So far, the only trailer we have for Kingdom Hearts 4, the revelation trailer shown at the event for the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts in April 2022.

The trailer seems to play shortly after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3, as Sora awakens in a world called Quadratum. At the beginning of the trailer we will be presented Strelitzia, which was killed in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. Therefore, it looks as if both Sora and Strelitzia are in any form of the posterity.

Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy seem to look for clues that they could return to their deadfrianed friend. This, of course, leads them to the underworld and what could be as less friendly encounter with Hades.


Kingdom Hearts 4 platforms

Although unconfirmed, Kingdom Hearts 4 is expected to be published first Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S . Although Kingdom Hearts 3 later came to the PC over cloud gaming, it is still too early to assume that a first release outside of PS / Xbox could be in sight.

And that’s all we have previously about the release date of Kingdom Hearts 4 and everything else related to the game. While you are patiently waiting for the next information about the next adventure of Sora and Co, look at some of the other best PS5 games or the best Xbox Series X games to bring them over the laps.

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