Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox and Microsoft veteran, has brought the brand in the years after he had taken over the rudder in 2014. He exchanged the world of video games with the introduction of Game Pass and given the console users of the new generation more affordable upgrade in the Xbox Series S, and he even bought Bethesda. But now, it seems, he intends to take the innovation and brand loyalty he gained in life when he walks behind the veil.

That comes from a source that is actually called – his masseuse Lars Svensson. “Mr Spencer came to his weekly massage. Nothing was unusual, “he says to The PC Player 24. Svensson notes that Spencer looked tired than usual, which was physically manifested in the tension of his muscles when he made his work on Spencer.

Phil Spencer – The man who saved the Xbox

“He was outside when looking at it,” says Svensson. “Usually we talk for a few minutes if he sets up. We joke about the ancient times of computers and the Internet, for example, as we used to use Encarta or dial-up Internet, which it switched off when someone in the house picked up the ph1. “

But this time Spencer’s ghost was elsewhere and having fallen into a deep sleep, he shocked the masseur of mid-ages by taking some strictly secret revelations. “Suddenly he started to marbles, and I could understand the word, refrigerator,” says Svensson. “At first I thought he would only dream, but then Mr. Spencer continued.”

According to Svensson Spencer’s swanted Spencer over the recently released Xbox Series X refrigerator and as he wants him to play a crucial role in his funeral when the time has come. The Xbox head wants to be accommodated in an enlarged version of the refrigerator, complete with green lights and full cooling functions. “He even called the dimensions:, six feet and 2,384 inches four foot exactly ‘,” explains Svensson.

The masseuse continued their work without knowing what they should do. But that was not everything yet, because with every muscle node he stretched cautiously, Spencer gave more price. Apparently, Spencer has even thought about how to use the refrigerator with power, and Svensson told in sleep that he plans to lay an underground power cable from the substation Puget Sound Energy Norway Hill near Redmond directly to the refrigerator to maximize performance achieve.

At this point, things took a turn when MassageSalon Stammgast James Hogarth entered Team Green Cutz in Tacoma to make an appointment for the following day. Here both men discussed whether they should wake up Spencer or not, but not before he could reveal more information about his plans.

“He just turned after a loud snoring and said, ‘Bond becomes Master Chief’,” says Svensson. Probably Spencer referred to Sarah Bond, the Vice President of Xbox. “He also asked Alexa to remind him of buying blue body color because Todd Howard is being Cortana,” adds Svensson. It became obvious that Spencer planned a theatrical performance, and continued by saying the two men that the refrigerator would be delivered to him on the air over a UNSC pelican to the ceremony and he needed Master Chief and Cortana to himself Quickly roping with him.

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But why should Spencer have to wire all this electricity directly with his Xbox refrigerator? The answer was all the time before us: Microsoft Azure. It is no secret that Microsoft has undertaken a push towards Cloud Computing and Gaming, with streaming now available on Xbox Game Pass. An all-streaming future was always in sight, but it was only a matter of when not the OB. And it seems we now have our when.

“He told us that when the service was over and they were there to close his refrigerator, some scientists of the University of Washington would connect his body to the refrigerator, which would then transfer his consciousness into the azurwolke,” said Svensson says. This will preserve Spencer’s legacy for the coming decades. He will not be part of the cloud; He will be the cloud.

According to Svensson and Hogarth, Spencer finally woke up, as if nothing had happened, paid and left Team Green Cutz so well humored that he even whistled.

When the PC player 24 demanded why the two men did not want anonymity, they claimed “fame” and “money” to “increase their social presence”.

The correctness of these allegations was not checked.