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New Witcher saga announced, relies on Unreal Engine 5! Epic solid partner

Already last year we reported that CD project is working red at a AAA game in the Witcher Universe . Nothing was officially announced, but a job advertisement revealed that a successor to the RPG hits The Witcher 3 will be on the program in the coming years.

Announcement by The Witcher – The New Saga

Since official announcements are also a bit fine, we can now tell you that the responsible persons of CD project Red with a press release just have a rausen. First, most important: With a new Witcher part, a completely new SAGA should be started for the franchise. Say: We do not necessarily have to do with “The Witcher 4”. The “The Witcher” title is underlaid with “A New Saga Begins”.

And then there was still an exciting second announcement: The previously used Red Engine is sent in pension. Instead, one has received a multi-year partnership with the experts at Epic Games to give the upcoming games optimally in Unreal Engine 5 for life. The in-house Red Engine is to be used only at the coming expansion of cyberpunk 2077, as the main game is on this engine.

Quotes from CDPR and Epic Games

If there are two as big names together, then you can look correct as a responsible person. Tim Sweeney, the founder and CEO of EPIC Games, commented on the partnership as follows: _ “We feel from the possibility to work with CD project Red, deeply honored – together we want to move the limits of interactive storytelling and gameplay – and this Effort will benefit the developer community in the coming years. “_

Also Paweł Zawodny, the CTO of CD project Red, reported to word and is looking forward to the engine change: _ “One of the core aspects of our internal red 2.0 transformation is a much stronger focus on technology – and our cooperation with Epic Games is based on this principle. For CD project Red, it is crucial that the technical direction of our next game is set as early as possible, as we have used many resources and energy in the past, the RedEngine with any further publication of one Evolve and adapt plays. “_

New Witcher Saga Announced - Partnership with Epic Games and Unreal Engine 5
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How to defeat red eyes observer in Horizon Forbidden West?

Elo will face a number of cars in Horizon Forbidden West, and the players will need to know how to defeat them to collect materials and resources. Redeye Watcher is one of the scout class cars, with which Elo will meet at the beginning of the Forbidden West. These little cars warn their allies after finding an elo, but they are easy enough to win when they are isolated.

In Horizon Forbidden West, each machine has certain weaknesses and is often vulnerable to a special spontaneous damage. Redeye Watcher is a small reconnaissance machine with one substantial weak point: Red Eye . Players can potentially destroy this car with one shot, striking her red eye arrows with a high damage.

Red-eye observers are also weak against shock – attacks, but resist attacks with damage from fire and plasma. The following components are available after the victory over the observer of red eyes:

  • Metal fragments
  • Machine musculature
  • Metal bone
  • Braided wire
  • Little Machine Core
  • Durable solid plate
  • Primary nerve of the observer of red eyes
  • Redeye Watcher Circulator


To override the monitoring of red eyes, the players will need to visit Chi boiler that is located on the southwestern edge of the card next to watchdog .

Want to know how to execute the quest “Children’s Sky” in Forbidden West? Check how to scan bastion in Horizon Forbidden West? in professional guidelines for the game.

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