In recent weeks, The Book of Boba fat came to some Cameo performances, which has returned one or the other figure. On Wednesday, the start of Episode 6 is at Disney + before and again rumors on the Internet, that it will give returnees again this week. If you are not on the booth at The Book of Boba, you should not better read.

Return these characters in The Book of Boba Fat?

Star Wars fans were not amazed badly than Din Djarin out The Mandalorian in the last episode to see and The Book of Boba Fat to Prequel from Season 3 The SCI-FI series with Pedro Pascal made. At the end of the episode there were some hints that probably also Grogu (Baby Yoda) will soon appear again. However, he should not be alone, as Cinelinx claims in a current report.

Legendary Star Wars Character stands before renewed return

The Book of Boba Fett: MY REVIEW
Accordingly, Luke Skywalker could get an appearance in The Book of Boba Fat. Already in the final of the second season of the Mandalorian, Luke was seen in a younger version when he has taken Grogu. So should The Child return on Wednesday, it is quite possible that Luke Skywalker will be on his side.

Also actor Max Llyod-Jones , who stood in front of the camera as a double of Mark Hamill , has been present at the set of The Book of Boba Fett.

Seasonal Finals by The Book of Boba Fat With Further comeback?

Since the beginning of the SCI-FI series, rumors also circulate about a return in season finals . It should be allegedly around Han Solo . And in fact, it is supposed to see Harrison Ford , which should have interrupted the shoot of Indiana Jones 5 extra for the Cameo appearance. The last episode of The Book of Boba Fat appears on 9. February 2022 .

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