The best selling ranking chart ‘Near Replyrax Ver.1.22474487139… (here: Reflicht)’ on a long time. Square Enix Publisher is a virtue that has received the first 50% of the power.

As of 11:00 am on the 18th, the chart is located in the top of the chart, Jay: Replicaut was attracted to the dark worldview and landscape that is expressed in the Dark Worldview and Landscape, which is expressed in the directory. In particular, the OST, which is the theme song ‘Kai Ne’, which is called as a ‘language’ language used in the game,

Ranking results show that the collaboration with the variety of games with the Near Series, including the Reflectant, is also seen. It is because people who have been interested in the Near Series with naturally melted games and artworks in other games have gradually increased. The Near Series starts on April 1, which comes from “Battleground News Tate”. Previously, I have conducted a collaboration event with MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, Mobile Game Sino Alice.

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On the other hand, there is another discount of beneficiaries. 30% discount on instructions and 67% discounts are applied. In particular, the in-screen is expected to be gathered that considering the purchase because it is the first 30% discount.

At the top of the steam day, the top 20 in Top 20 is the top of the top of the top 1 ~ 5th, and the League League has a long time in the subordinate, while the Rocket League was 20th in the middle of the deadline in the lower one.