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Sucker Punch confirms: Sly Cooper and Infamous are waiting – new games are not working

Sly Cooper and infamous games are not one of the plans for Sucker Punch’s near future.

Particularly at the beginning of the millennium with his debut, Sly Cooper’s new adventures have been awaited by fans. However, both sly and the infamous series live so far in a silent life, and there are no new games from Sucker Punch, let alone from other studios. However, it is not a good idea to bury your wishes, as ghost of Tsushima-Studio does not deny the possibility of going back to the series sometimes in the future.

Sly Cooper’s previous adventure thieves in time was released in 2013. infamous: First Light, on the other hand, saw its daylight a year later.

More information on Sucker Punch’s blogging, here.

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Microsoft Rewards: Punch Cards each with 6000 points for Elden Ring and Grid Legends

Microsoft Rewards Top 10: Anime Edition Punch Card Rewards Guide on Xbox - Unlock an Achievement
It can be worthwhile for gamers if they pre-order their games just before publishing. Because the Microsoft Rewards are offered on console punch cards with several thousand points. So also in the case of the role-playing elden ring or the racing game Grid Legends. For both games, 6000 points can be obtained if you pre-ordered it in the mentioned period. For the two mentioned games you will receive the points if you pre-ordered until March 9th of March 2022. Pre-orders before the 13th and 14th February unfortunately not considered. Besides Elden Ring, there are still possible lucrative punch cards to Roblox and the latest Far Cry 6 DLC “Joseph: Collapse”. The exact conditions for the individual punch cards can be found directly in the pictures.

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