GTA V has turned into one of the most profitable games we have actually seen, so it is not a shock that Rockstar has actually been working to take its delivery to the new generation of consoles. What does this imply? Well, undoubtedly, some graphic renovations that will involve us a lot more in its history, with resolution at 4k, 60 fps as well as other kindments of Xbox Series and also PS5.

Rockstar wished to expand this information much more with a brand-new statement on its site in which the 3 visuals modes of GTA V are revealed in the next-gene. As you will picture, all of them get to 4K and also other visuals wonders, although it is worth mentioning the distinctions between each:

On the other hand, Rockstar has thrown a little light as to the Transfer of startings between generations. As kept reading its site, GTA V and GTA gamers: Online at Xbox One and also PS4 will be able to take their progression to PS5 as well as Xbox Series, or in between different console systems, with a solitary movement each .

GTA 5 Xbox Series X & PS5 Enhanced Graphics & Performance Details
A couple of days left for GTA V individuals to delight in the advantages of the next-gene, because that version will certainly premiere the next March 15 . Not all looks are put in this uniqueness as well as, after verifying GTA 6 growth, the neighborhood is waiting for more Rockstar news.