If you have a sweet-o-sweet honey, you can rather cheap buy Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic in Lost Ark. Unfortunately, the only ingredient, sweet-o-sweet honey, very roads. The whole process costs almost 191,000 silver. Cook Suesusu is the only person who can cook drink, and below we will explain how to cook it.

Where to find sweet-o-sweet honey

Tellary sells Sweet-o-sweet honey in Village MOCO in Torchuk . You can find it on a tree in the southeastern part of the map. Nearby there is a staircase leading to her. Buying sweet honey costs 190,000 silver, which for any standards is a huge amount.

Where to find sussu

Supitsa is in G. Tavern MOKOKO northwest from Plaza whistle in MOKOKO Village . She is behind the meal with fruit. You can prepare a drink from 900 silver, which is incredibly cheap compared to the outrageous price for the only ingredient.

Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic Lost Ark
After buying a Sweet-O-Sweet Honey, talk to it and click Request . **** You will see that it is added to the foliate of your adventure crawler after you create and drink Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic.

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