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The lUnited Statest of us part 1 is a remake and you can check it in this comparative video

Ellie and Joel start a trip United States dangerous United States special in the post-epocalyptic United States of The LUnited Statest of Us Part 1, the PS5 clUnited Statessic remake. United States its releUnited Statese date approaches, Naughty Dog is offering more and more details about this remote version. Although some have questioned their remake condition, the study hUnited States published several comparative videos to demonstrate it : the most recent illustrates Joel at the Boston docks.

The brief clip, which you can enjoy just on these lines, compares part 1 with the remUnited Statestering of PlayStation 4. United States can be seen, The graphic changes are seen . The American study hUnited States rebuilt the game for the new generation, although it remains to be seen to what extent improvements have been implemented.

Naughty Dog defends the remake

Jonathan Benainous, by Naughty Dog, recalled on his Twitter account that the people who had complained about The LUnited Statest of Us part 1 had not yet tried the title. Having played the two there is no comparison point between PS3 and PS5, he said.


Now, he admitted that one of The LUnited Statest of Us Part 2 hUnited States not been able to implement because the gameplay would break: And on putting face down, that would have broken the gameplay and the combat zone because originally It wUnited States not built like this.

The LUnited Statest of Us Part 1 will go on sale next September 2 for PlayStation 5 **. United States for the PC version, the releUnited Statese date hUnited States not yet been revealed, although it is expected not to take too long. Next year there will be news about the independent multiplayer set in this universe, not to mention the HBO Max series, also scheduled for 2023.

Mod incorporates Last of United States and God of War to the ultimate Sony

The Last of United States gets on every person’s lips once more. Naughty Dog with the Last people Part 1 revealed a remake of the effective action adventure that will certainly not just be playable on the PlayStation , however likewise on the computer ends up being. Until then, it takes a little bit of the 2. September 2022 it returns to zombie hunt. This year is said to have an additional pc gaming highlight quickly, for which followers might also wait even more: God of War: Ragnarök , according to , must be released in November , however Sony Santa Monica Studio is still covered.

Joel and Ellie fight with Midgard

The waiting time intends to be bridged somehow, which makes fans innovative. A video was published on the YouTube channelSpeclizerthat incorporates both worlds utilizing mods . The outcome was a new-looking experience for Joel and Ellie. The YouTube channel specializes in discovering details in various games or titles. This is just how the crossover of The Last of United States as well as God of War was produced. Thanks to Mods from Omegafantasy, the places by Kratos and kid ATREUS in the game God of War from 2018 occupy in the new Video Joel and Ellie.

the magic of mods

To ensure that both do not feel lonely in the lovely globes of the game, David from The Last people supplies them as thenutSociety as well as changes Baldur. In the meantime, the Draugr from Nordic mythology are traded with remote controls.


Also check out.

In enhancement, ideal discussions from The Last of United States were assigned to the personalities. Absolutely nothing adjustments at the General Gameplay of God.

The Last people Part 1: This remake is unnecessary!


While we are waiting for more messages for God of War: Ragnarök , the statement concerning a remake of The Last of United States has divided the follower base. Our editor David believes, for example, that The Last of Us Part 1 is an unneeded remake .

The Last people Remake: Tess instantly looks much older.

While we are waiting for more messages for God of War: Ragnarök , the announcement regarding a remake of The Last people has divided the follower base. Our editor David believes, as an example, that The Last people Part 1 is an unneeded remake . We additionally have a graphics comparison between remake as well as remaster of the title for you. What’s your viewpoint?

Rowdy Dog presented the personality version of Tess in the remake of The Last people Part 1, which varies substantially from the original.

The Last of Us is on everybody’s lips again. Naughty Pet dog with the Last of United States Part 1 revealed a remake of the successful activity experience that will not only be playable on the PlayStation , but likewise on the PC ends up being. This year is stated to have another video gaming highlight in a flash, for which followers may also wait even more: God of War: Ragnarök , according to , should be launched in November , yet Sony Santa Monica Studio is still covered.

The Last of United States Part 1 was announced at the Summer Game Feast, a remake of the activity experience published in 2013. Is the brand-new version for PS5? PCPS50.

By Dina Manevich.
June 20, 2022 at 2:09 p.m.

The new trailer of Last of Us Part 2 should be launched tomorrow

The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

Naughty Dog announced earlier this morning that a new trailer of The Last of Us Part 2 was going to be online tomorrow. This is a huge news for the fans of the series because the developers have done a very limited promotional work. Currently, the latest trailer of The Last of Us came out in September 2019.

Like most people know it, there has been a major leak that happened a few days ago and spoiled all the plot of the game. So if you still want to enter The Last of Us Part 2 without Knowing how this happens, you should try to avoid sections of comments and forums. Leaks seem legitimate because they come from an employee dissatisfied with Naughty Dog who was not happy to be perceived as overlooked and underpaid.

Whatever the mess that resulted from the leaks in history, it seems that Naughty Dog will try to advance as planned and put this fiasco behind them. The Last of Us Part 2 is only a few weeks of its launch date. The last of us is widely regarded as one of the best games of the decade, if not all time. It goes without saying that the suite will really have to intensify it to oversleep the first game.

Most fans hope to see a gameplay a little more than what has been shown in previous trailers. The only true example of “in play” has obviously been tinkered to appear more cinematographic for spectators. Let’s hope we can all see something a little more authentic.

The Last of Us Part 2 comes out on May 29 on PS4.

Duke Nukem Dev adopts an aggressive position on the critical debate

Mod Corner - Duke Nukem Forever 2013

The Last of Us Part II won wholesale at Game Awards, who ruffled some feathers online. Kotaku weighed with an article on how the Games created with Crunch should not be filled with praise. George Broussard, one of the designers of Duke Nukem, had strong words about this position. Like all shots on Twitter, Broussard has encountered some resistance.

Some people emphasized that having Duke Nukem Forever on your CV adds a specific weight to your words. Others took advantage of this chance to renew their attacks against Kotaku, which are practically incessant at this stage. Whatever your opinion, it is probably not represented correctly on Twitter.

Kotaku’s article does not want the crunch to be rewarded with rewards. Brushard, on the other hand, think that the crunch is so ubiquitous and so difficult to avoid that we could reward it as well? In fact, he said you can not trust dissatisfied employees and that independent studios are very different from 300 people. At least one of these things is true, yes. Do not throw gasoline on fire, but are other hundreds of employees happy or do not complain? Although there is no sense to vilify individual studios, we should still talk about Crunch. Ignoring the crunch is a good way to make sure there is a problem forever, you know?

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