As we have already reported, the new parkour challenge is available Flying Scorpion in The City in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. It demands all pilgrims to demonstrate their parkour skills in the Central Loop.

Did you pass the test? Perfect! From this Thursday, further challenges appear in the game for you.

From Thursday, March 17, you can put four new, exciting exams that Techland has prepared specifically for all pilgrims out there:

  1. Suspension of Disbelief – This challenge presents your skills in wall runs in the heart of the Central Loop.
  2. Gracour – This challenge in Old Villedor has all your basic skills are being examined. Who makes mistakes, can say goodbye to the gold medal!
  3. Stroll on the River – ready to get wet?

Dying Light 2 - Stay Human - Try Yourself With The New Parkour Challenges!
4. My Whole World is a glider – Fly, Pilgrim… Fly high over the contaminated areas and attempts not to get in.

But that’s not all. Techland also introduces the new series at the Fish Eye , which focuses on the time after the publication of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the life of the developers and the events directly from The City.

In the first episode, several Techland developers will contact each other in four challenges to win a price and title of the first Techland Nightrunner. Shooting a look at this teaser and makes the developers in the Fish Eye Canteen this week: