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How to have an ideal relationship in Bitlife

To get an ideal relationship in Bitlife, you must perform positive actions and actions when interacting with non -game characters. Perform enough positive actions and the relationship indicator over time will increase to the highest level.

You can perform positive actions and actions by clicking on the profile of any NPC in the game. To click on the NPC profiles, you usually need to find them in tab “Relation” or tab “Colleagues” . All your current family and friends will be displayed on the “Relation” tab. All the people who work in your place of work will be displayed on the “Employees” tab.

By clicking on any of their profiles, you will see a list of actions that you can use to improve their relationship. These actions include giving objects and communication with certain NPCs if they are already your friends. We recommend using the following actions to improve relations in Bitlife:

  • Present
  • Cinema

  • Spend time
  • Compliment
  • Concert
  • Conversation
  • Party
  • Watch YouTube

How to get 10 ideal relationships in Bitlife

If you want to get 10+ ideal relations for jekyll & hyde Challenge the best way is to get a job. The presence of work gives you access to several people on which you can concentrate, improving their relationship with you. Sit for work, and then find the “Employee” tab under the name of your work. You can find your current work on the Work tab in Bitlife.

The name of your work will be displayed on the “Colleagues” tab in the “Working Action” section. Click on the Co-Workers tab and see an extensive NPC list. Click on any of these NPCs, and you will get access to their tab “Relations” . On the “Relation” tab, you will need to perform certain actions, such as gifts and compliments.

How To Get Married And Have Relationships In Bitlife
In the end, if you continue to give gifts and be a good person for NPC, they will want to become friend . When this happens, you can take other actions in order to further strengthen their relationship with you. Continue to behave well and perform friendly actions with NPC until they reach ideal relations with you. As soon as you reach the ideal relationship, go to another NPC, until you have a total of 10 people with whom you have an ideal relationship.

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Lost Ark Rapport Manual – Best NPCs for Using Understanding

As Lost Ark passing, you will meet many non-characters. Many of them play an important role in history, while with others you can make friends with rapport, which will make them give you gifts. It can make you wonder what Rapport is and with what NPC is best to build Rapport in Lost Ark.

How to establish mutual understanding in Lost Ark

To establish mutual understanding with NPC in Lost Ark, you must give them rapport elements . This will increase their level of mutual understanding, and the higher it will be, the better the awards they will give you. You can also execute songs or emotions . Sometimes you will also need a certain number of virtue points.

If you have an active crystal aura, you can accurately see what gifts, songs and emotions prefers NPC. It will relieve you from guessing while increasing their level of mutual understanding and will allow you to focus on the best NIP with mutual understanding.

Non-characteries with best relationships in Lost Ark


Although there are many awards you can get through Rapport, there are some NPCs that offer the best awards. These Giant Hearts , Omnium Stars , island souls / island tokens , and to a lesser extent gold. Here are our recommendations for the best NPC Rapport in Lost Ark.

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Wow makes it simpler to reach the ideal items – particularly for brand-new players and returners

To which products it? Legendarys are the currently greatest items in Globe of Warcraft.

Inworld of Warcraft there is a little modification: a brand-new NPC currently markets objects with which ye can choose targeted legendary effects. This works specifically for brand-new characters, for so you do not have more time to develop content waste.

In Shadowlands do you imagine these things themselves and also searches you out of what effect you want. First, nonetheless, you have to have an equivalent “memory”. These were previously spread commonly in the material of the game. Now they are easier to get.

It is currently easier to obtain to Legendarys: In Castle Nathria as well as in the sanctuary (” Haven”) in the brand-new area Zereth Mortis Spot 9.2 is now the NPC Rendel (” Rendle”). This sells memories that were previously just employers in Castle Nathria. You can set suggestions for the various money Acquire:

The modification is especially helpful for brand-new personalities. These needed to check out from Shadowlands for their Legendarys in spite of strong catch-up devices for devices occasionally still the initial raid. A few of the most effective impacts for the classes there was just there.

  • 1500 Cosmic Flux
  • 600 are Seelenglut that are currently a lot easier to obtain it
  • 2,500 cataloged Research
  • 25 Grateful gifts

Unlike the chronicle of shed memories you can purchase you the legendary impact here specifically and also does not get an arbitrary thing.

Legendarys: production and the very best for your course

The need her for the production: To produce a product from the impacts, you need to gather some products and create them to runes Metz in Torghast. You require for the manufacturing:

Considering that spot 9.2 you can likewise on the legendary Item “unity” working in the direction of. This gives you the legendary power of your deal as well as modifications that you turn your pact membership changes. In enhancement, the thing is utilized as a second Legendary, so you can still plainly get more out of your class.

  • A base product from among the manufacturing careers
  • The preferred impact legendary
  • Creating for second worths
  • Seelenglut and also soul ash from Torghast
  • Flux Planetary if the thing is made to rank 7 or updated

What should I Legendary crafting? Depending on what class and also what Pact you play, do you need other effects.

WoW - How to create every Name you want (Retail & Classic)

We tell you specifically in our overview to MeinMMO just how their legendary items in Shadowlands produces. Your will certainly additionally discover the table with the called for amounts of flooding and ash.

Are you re Einstieger or newbie to WoW and also want now with Shadowlands go about, however not yet know which course is worth it? If you’re up damages from, you can look into this guided by our ranking:

WoW DPS positions for Shadowlands – These courses do the most damages

Inworld of Warcraft there is a tiny adjustment: a brand-new NPC currently offers objects with which ye can choose targeted legendary effects. Legendarys are the presently toughest products in World of Warcraft. It is currently less complicated to obtain to Legendarys: In Castle Nathria and in the refuge (” Sanctuary”) in the new area Zereth Mortis Spot 9.2 is now the NPC Rendel (” Rendle”). What should I Legendary crafting? Depending on what class and also what Deal you play, do you require various other results.

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