R6 Checking extraction ping – This guide will show you how you can check your ping or latency at Rainbow Six Extraction.

You can check your ping in R6 Extraction

It can not be denied that the delay is something that everyone hates, when it comes to games. Either FPS delay or connection delay and server. There are many ways to correct the FPS delay, but take care of the delay or server’s latency requires additional attention. Rainbow Six Extraction is not different.

Lately, many reports have appeared at the Ubisoft forums, where people complain that they are experiencing delays, elastic bands, HITS registration problems, etc. Many of you may think that, given that Extraction is not a PVP title, these issues do not impact both the game. But you’re very wrong. You see, Rainbow Six Extraction is a cooperative degree that requires you to keep your rhythm and support your teammates. If you are staying behind and alert all the enemies in the room. You will definitely fail in your missions. To avoid that, you must first find out why you are staying behind. And to do that, the first thing you need to know is, What is your ping?

How to verify the ping on the R6 extraction

The process of verifying your ping is quite easy. But most of you, most likely, would not be able to find out, if you are not looking carefully. Here is what you need to do:

  • Start Rainbow Six Extraction
  • Go to the main menu
  • Click on the Settings button, located in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Look just below go out to the desk»
  • You should notice your data center and your ping there

How to fix the delay in the extraction of Rainbow Six

If your ping is greater than 150 ms, then it has its reason behind all the issues of delay and elastic bands you are experiencing. In that case, you must first make sure that your NAT is open. Below is explained how to verify your type of NAT:

  • Click on the Windows button in your taskbar
  • Click Settings, then Game of chance and then select Xbox networks .
  • Under Xbox Live multiplayer , check the NAT type.

If you see that your NAT type is different from open or moderate NAT, you may need to forward ports to your device. The ports needed for Rainbow Six Extraction PC are:

If you do not know how to make port forwarding, click on this Ubisoft support link to see the steps. The guide is quite long, so take your time to read it. In addition, you can call your ISP directly and tell you to help you with the port forwarding process. At least, that’s what I do when I face this kind of problems.


That’s all folks!

Last update on January 22, 2022