The successful Twitch Streamer Shroud had stressed a month ago, beginning of February 2022, emphasizes that Lost Ark unfortunately does not pick him up and the pity was. SHROUOUD Wishes back now that he could still think so. For now he plays Lost Ark exclusively. He has since streamed 138 hours of the game (via Sullygnome) and even $ 2,000 in Lost Ark, so that fast content and activities are unlocked. You do not have to put so much money in the Free2Play game, but a founding package brings some great content.

Shroud is addicted to Lost Ark

But not enough: even the thought of the daily tasks in Lost Ark makes him creating. He has now revealed that in a stream, in which he works everything but happy. He jokingly explains that he would probably play Lost Ark for the rest of his life and stressed is the thought of Dailys.

“If I wake up and knows that I have Dailys and they are not finished, then that’s a feeling…” _. Then he grows only tormented and emphasizes frustrated: _ “I should never have installed the game. I just should have kept me out.” _ Here you can see the streaming moment later:

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lost ark addiction...

What we keep from Lost Ark, you will learn in our big test for MMORPG.

Initially, Shroud Lost Ark had found a lot of boring, but that changed with the activities and challenges of the end games. It remains to be seen if the streamer really fell into a deep Lost-Ark hole or quickly puts his enthusiasm again. Currently it is the most deseamed game of Shroud. Can you understand what he is experiencing? Did you ever have addiction problems with online games? In the commentary you can share your experiences and tips with others!

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