On Monday we had reported on the plans of DICE, according to which for this Thursday an update for Battlefield 2042 should be rolled out.

DICE Claim BIG Changes Coming to Battlefield 2042 - Devs Ban Russia - This Week In Gaming

Now the update 3.3 was postponed to the next week.

As the developer let his players know about the public forum, they have deliberately decided to return the update and only available in the coming week.

The reason for this is that in case of accomplishing problems that would arise this weekend by the update, it could not provide so good support, as in the week.

Due to the shift, the weekly missions for the current week must expose in Battlefield 2042. You will be available again next week.

The contents of the next update states that it contains a revised scoreboard that takes into account the wishes of the community when displaying the deaths and kills. A team distribution is also included.

Also, the “Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle” for owners of the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition and the year 1 pass will be available.

Finally, a small series of additional troubleshooting will also make part of the update.