FUNCOM launched the action game “ Conan Chop CHOP ” jointly developed with Mighty Kingdom on March 1 and released the launch trailer.

This game is drawn in “doodle touch” based on the world of “Heroes Conan”, a single and online / local up to 4 cooperating multiplayer works.

Initially, it was announced as April Fool’s Neta in April 2019, and this work was finally released, even if the release was officially decided as a product.

It can be selected four of Hi Bolia Hero “Conan” “Berito” “Valeria” “Palantydes”. Automatic Generation Map and Dungeon Fighting Evil Magic Tote-Amon Members Every Different Adventures Every Different Adventures can be enjoyed with the ability to improve their character level and earn weapons.

Conan Chop Chop April Fools Day

In recent Riscia Ukraine situation, FUNCOM is $ 100,000 (approximately 11.5 million yen) of this work in this work is that it will be donated to humanitarian assistance activities throughout the red cross.

“Conan Chop CHOP” is on sale for PC (STeam) / Xbox ONE. STeam is usually 1,500 yen, 10% off by March 8, and 2,050 yen for Microsoft Store. Free demo version is also delivered in Steam. In addition, the PS4 / Nintendose switch version will be released within 2022 for 1,980 yen by DMM Games.