What a comeback by Rafael Nadal! The Spanish tennis star actually takes two weeks after the forced departure from Novak Djokovic to his 21st Grand Slam title and the record in the Australian Open. Thanks to a 6: 3, 6: 2, 3: 6, 6: 3 Against the Italian Wimbledon Finalists Matteo Berrettini, Nadal moved into his first Melbourne final on Friday for three years.

“It means me a lot to be here again in the final,” said Nadal, when he was interviewed after his 500th hard place victory in the Rod Laver Arena. In the final on Sunday, the number five of the world opposes the Russian US Open Champion Daniil Medvedew or the Greek World Randlist Fourth Stefanos TsitsiPas. The second semi-final was on Friday in the Nightsession.

Two sentences Lang Nadal had dominated the duel with Berrettini impressively, then the forces seized, but he bite through. 13 years after his own Australian Open victory so far, Nadal’s prospects are shiny, provided the fitness is sufficient for another match. After a monthly tournament break and a complicated foot injury, the Spaniard is allowed to believe in the total triumph: a victory is missing, then the 35-year-old leaves his in the fascinating Grand Slam title race his in Melbourne rivals Djokovic and Roger Federer behind him. “For me it’s about the Australian Open – more than everything else,” said Nadal after the final feeder. “I never thought of a second chance 2022.”

Currently, every three each are 20 trophies each of the four most important tournaments. Melbourne record champion Djokovic was the favorite for Australia, but the Unstopped Serb had to reinstate because of his canceled visa before the tournament start. The Swiss Federer doubts about his lengthy knee problems at the comeback.

Rafael Nadal at his semi-final victory. Getty Images

Shortly before Nadal’s semi-finals, it started to pour in Melbourne, the temperature dropped from 32 to 22 degrees. The fact that it was significantly cooler in the Rod Laver Arena than on the days before, Nadal should be countered. Under the closed roof, the game began as he liked it should be desired. Quickly lay the left-handed front with 3: 0. Of course, Nadal had understood that he should better avoid the forehand of Berrettini. Often he urged the world ranking seventh in his weaker backhand corner and came to score. He used his fourth sentence ball.

In the second section, the Melbourne winner moved from 2009 to 4: 0 of it before the Italian brought his surcharge. Nadal shoes Berrettini from left to right, with his power and his precise blows he had the first Italian men’s semi-finalist of the Australian Open under control.

From the third sentence, the match was clearly balanced. Suddenly, Nadal had to accept his first run-up loss to the 3: 5, the sentence was a short time. A little came to the quarterfinals on Tuesday, when Nadal broke into the Canadian Denis Shapovalov middle of the third set with stomach problems and felt “destroyed”.

I just want to continue playing, because that causes me most of my joy.

Rafael Nadal v Daniil Medvedev Extended Highlights (Final) | Australian Open 2022

Rafael Nadal

Again, the forces seemed to lose something. Nadal did not dominate from the baseline just as in the sentences one and two. However, he got two break opportunities at 4: 3 thanks to the help of Berrettini. The first left the Spaniards, the second ended the forehand of the Italian in the net. It was the preliminary decision. That Nadal is now on the sixth time in the final of the Australian Open, was not necessarily expected. Wimbledon, Olympia and the US Open he missed because of his foot problems. Shortly before Christmas he infected himself with the coronavirus – another setback.

What he would now mean to leave Djokovic and Federer with the 21st title behind, Nadal was asked before the semifinals. “I hope nothing more. I just want to continue playing, because that is preparing for me most of my joy,” he answered. “I do not think my feeling of happiness depends on whether I gain more Grand Slam tournaments than others or other more than me.”