Cerencing invades squares in Kingdom Hearts 4, and Sora must stop them. However, while the battle is raging on the streets of Sibui, the mysterious figures in the hoods are observed for taking place from the height of the skyscraper.

Figures in hoods are not something new in the Kingdom Hearts universe. They can be traced before teaser trailer at the end of the first game. Although these numbers most likely coincide. Safe money is that they are Luxu and Master of Masters.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal Trailer - Analysis & Secrets!
Master of Masters is a master of a key blade that appeared in Kingdom Hearts X. Although their true motives are not entirely clear, they were in the center of several important events in the history of the series. What is clear is their unshakable opposition to darkness.

Luksu – master of key blade and student master masters. His role was to watch the events with the help of his key blade, so that the master master writing the book of prophecies. Like the master masters, Luksu first appeared in Kingdom Hearts X.

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