In Elden Ring, your NPCs and other players can defeat numerous species. A fan now shows in an oblique video that even the classic attack of Sega Mascot Sonic can be used as a surprising success strategy in the Zwerland.

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Sonic and Elden Ring are very little common at first glance. In fact, a fan of the fromSoftware RPG now shows that the famous Roll Attack of the Blue Hedgehog can be surprisingly successfully implemented in the intermediate country – and looks particularly well, even if the character in the styles of an overa-ambitated Sonic Cosplayers was designed.

Elden Ring: Player defends attackers through roll attack

In his bizarre video Youtuber Marco Yolo presents his unusual Sonic homage : After his character in Elden Ring has missed a blue (and slightly disturbing) paint, he defeats enemy players with invasions with a roll attack, the Segas Mascot would face well.

At first glance, it looks like the attack possibly mods or exploits in the game, but the secret of the Sonic role is a war ash , which you can find in the Altus Plateau and apply to a suitable weapon. As soon as you enable them, you can role in an opponent as shown in the video and add significant damage.

Sonic Attack Enthusiastic Community

The bizarre video takes place in the Elden Ring Community on Reddit of course great appeal. While many commentators find the roll attack pretty funny, some also notice that dodging were actually quite simple. For this purpose, players should only roll or jump out , but many are simply simply rolled over by the attack in the truest sense of the word. (Source: Reddit)

  • “Lmaooooooooo, that’s so good. I hope there’s a continuation with tails.” ( Reddit User LuffyDude )
  • “That’s a real work of art.” ( Reddit User domesticated_dad )
  • “It’s so repugingly and yet… so nice.” ( Reddit User SpaceGandalf116 )
  • “If this guy would come to my game and kill me, I would not even be angry.” ( Reddit User JSTut771 )

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