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Nintendo Switch: XXL-Sale im eShop

Switch players have reason to be happy, because Nintendo opened the huge XXL sale for spring in the eShop of the hybrid console! Over 1,000 great switch games are reduced up to 75 percent .

Including numerous popular Nintendo hits such as Super Mario Odyssey, the Legend of Zelda, and Fire Emblem as well as game cracks from other successful brands, for example GTA, Dragon Quest, Bioshock and Persona.

How do you find the offers?

You can find all reduced games directly in the eShop of the Nintendo Switch (buy now € 359.90) , i.e. the digital store of the console. There you can either shop directly on the switch or in the browser on your smartphone, Tablet or laptop.

There are three common ways to choose from: PayPal, credit card and credit cards. The latter, for example, gets online from the well -known large electronics dealers or – faster and directly – online as a digital code.

thousands of switch games reduced

According to Nintendo, overall, as part of the Great Spring Sale, over 1,000 switch games are currently reduced, partly significantly by up to 75 percent. ** There are also additional content such as DLCs.

On the Nintendo campaign website, the company explicitly refers to “exciting adventure for single players”. So the focus is on such games that you can play alone, whereby the games with multiplayer of course does not exclude, online and offline.

Mario Odyssey for CHEAP! Surprise Nintendo Switch eShop Sale!

_WHE Nintendo highlights is there just cheaper for the Switch? You can read that below.

These switch hits are now particularly cheap!

For example, you can currently get Super Mario Odyssey for around 40 instead of 60 euros. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is also 33 percent reduced in the sale for around 40 instead of 60 euros. Dragon Quest 11s: Current of fate – you can even get a definitive edition for half the price of 30 instead of 60 euros, the bioshock collection with all three parts is even more reduced with 20 instead of 50 euros. The GTA trilogy in the definitive edition is available for 40 instead of usually 60 euros. On this Nintendo website you will find all discounted Switch games, the action website for the spring sale can be found here.

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Media market offer: Mario

Nintendo switch-lovers rejoice currently has gaming action at Media Markt. 2022 (23:59 am) to March 11, the technology giant Mario games has 10 percent less in stock. Among the guests are, among others, “Super Mario Party” and “Super Mario Odyssey”. With the discount you are from 35.99 to 44.99 euros per game. A purchase of two games worth since then the 2.99 euros accounted for shipping. Compared to the competition a few euros savings are, according to the price comparison portal idealo depending on the game in it (all rates and details – Date: March 9, 2022).

& ### Nintendo switch games at Media Markt Saturn

  • Mario games save 10 percent cheaper
  • 11 different games to choose from
  • Price deduction is automatic in cart

Mario Barh Media Markt DVD Player

Media Markt: Mario games reduced 10 percent

Classics like “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Super Mario Party” as well as newer games such as “Mario Golf: Super Rush” are in the current Nintendo switch action of Media Markt. Place for the discount your selection to the cart, where the refund is automatic. From two games to save yourself the shipping costs. Here again all participating Mario games come at a glance:

  • “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”
  • “Mario Party Superstars”
  • “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe”
  • “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury”
  • “Super Mario Party”
  • “Super Mario Odyssey”
  • “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020”
  • “Super Mario Maker 2”

  • “Mario Golf: Super Rush”
  • “Paper Mario: The Origami King”
  • “Mario Tennis Aces”

In addition, save with media market vouchers

Other discounts complacent? On the media market-voucher side of COMPUTER BILD find all current discount offers at a glance. There is currently a voucher for 10 euros to register for the newsletter of the technology giant. The discount code will be sent by mail and is redeemable on a 100-Euro-order.

_ * If you finish on the marked with an asterisk links a purchase, Mario Odyssey gets a small commission. Our standards of transparency and journalistic independence find Siehier._

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