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Magic The Gathering: The Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and many other surprises

Magic players attention. The main Wizards of the Coast , Wizards present , began the revelation of the next expansion of Magic: The Gathering **, which will last Until a short time before it reaches our hands. We bring you a summary with the most important… that is not little.

Return to Dominary


Veteran players will have the pleasure of returning to the place where it all started, to Dominary . In fact, Dominary appeared at the First Alpha in Magic: The Gathering in 1993 , and has served as a stage for several of the most important stories of the card game since then.

Dominary United will consist of four sets, grouped into an epic narrative arch that will face the Pyrexians against Dominarians. See you On September 9 for the launch of Dominary United. For those who are in a hurry, early orders are already open.

2023, a busy year for Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the list of Magic’s first sets: The Gathering that will be launched in 2023. The arch of Phyrexia’s history continues with Brothers’ War, which will be available in November, followed by Phyrexia: All Will Be One, which will be released in the first quarter of 2023, and that will end with March of the Machine, in the second quarter of 2023.

March of the Machine: The Aftermath, which will also be launched in the second quarter of 2023, will conclude March of the Machine and explore the fundamental changes that have taken place in the Magic Multiverse.

In the third quarter of 2023, players will return to Eldraine, the favorite universe of fans inspired by classic fairy tales, with Wilds of Eldraine. The year 2023 will end in its fourth quarter with the launch of Lost Caverns of Ixalan where pirates, dinosaurs and vampires will fight for power.

  • Phyrexia: Everyone will be one (winter of 2023)
  • March of the Machine (Spring of 2023)
  • March of the Machine: The aftermat (spring of 2023)
  • Wilds of Eldraine (Autumn of 2023)
  • Lost Caverns of Ixalan (winter of 2024)

¿Mtg x the lord of the rings?

Universes Beyond , the new product line of Wizards of the Coast, will present locations and characters of pop culture works. After jumping into the world of Warhammer 40,000 with 4 inspired Commander Menos In each faction of the Empire’s forces, players can visit Mount Doom with the Ring community.

In fact , a set of the Lord of the Rings: Tales of the Middle Earth will debut in the third quarter of 2023 . The set will include 18 individual letters that represent the battle of the fields of Pelennor, the largest battle of the War of the Ring in Mines Tirith, as part of An extra launch . The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Arth will also be available in Magic: The Gathering Arena as a set from Alchemy to late this year.

But that’s not all, already that Doctor Who also comes to throw a cable in the world of MTG in the late 2023! The envelopes and letters of Secret Lair will arrive at the game, illustrating the 60 years of history of the television series.

Finally, Magic: The Gathering will celebrate its 30 Anniversary , precisely that, at the Las Vegas Expo in the World Market Center of October 28 to 30 . The 30th anniversary of MTG will also be held throughout the year of the game, so you have to wait for additional surprises!

Dungeons and Dragons

We don’t turn 30 every day! On this occasion, Wizards of the Coast also gives a breath of fresh air to the mythical Dungoons & Dragons.

On the menu:

A new generation of D&D * is in the test phase. One D & D gathers updated rules that are compatible with previous versions of the fifth edition of the game, the D&D Beyond platform and an online D&D game experience in development that will provide the players and mazORons teachers with a total immersion, as well as powerful tools for 3D creation. You can register to participate in public tests at dndbeyond.com
*A new adventure called
Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen , which can be played in the Dragonlance Board Game: Warriors of Krynn
*The arrival of
5 new adventures ** during the year 2023. will be in English.

Matt Reeves explains why he cut the scene with Joker in The Batman

THE BATMAN Joker Deleted Scene Explained: Breakdown Of Barry Keoghan | Origins & Backstory
On the morning of this Thursday, March 24, Matt Reeves finally released the scene eliminated with Joker at The Batman. The fans had the opportunity to see how Barry Keoghan Interpreting this character and the truth is that we all stay wanting to see more about it. If the scene is so good, why Reeves decided to eliminate it?

In an interview with IGN , Reeves explained that this scene would help the viewer to understand that the arc of riddler had come to an end, and the city was free of danger. He wanted to give the audience an opportunity to enjoy the calm before the storm, so adding to Joker so precipitated would have broken a little about this idea.

“What they are looking at is actually a Joker before being the Joker. The reason why he kept this scene, despite having cut it, it is because in the end it was important to me. Experiment with this scene for a while. We put it to the test, and it helped us to put an end to the story of Riddler, and to know that Batman was able to put an end to him.

But we also had this idea that, now that the Falcone mafia was over, there was a moment of hope, but also a vacuum of power that the most dangerous criminals of Gothic city would want to fill. “

Neither the Reeves knows if the Joker will return for the sequel of The Batman , and the presence of him in the film was only aimed at implying that this version of the hero had already faced some of the most dangerous villains of him.

Editor’s Note: I think Reeves has a point, and it would be great to see more of the Joker in a sequel, but Batman has a wide gallery of villains that can explore in the future. We still do not know what they will appear in this second part, and we will have to wait until I decide to make Reeves.

“Knights in the Nightmare” Remastered version, Nintendo Switch to release on April 7 this year. Barrage Action Puzzle Simulation RPG Revives

Sting Co., Ltd. announced on March 17, “ Knights in the Nightmare Remastered version on April 7, 2022. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch, which is software for download. The price is tax-included 2860 yen. Book at Nintendo E shop from March 31st.

“Knights in the Nightmare”, which has revealed the release date, was released for Nintendo DS in 2008, and transplantation for PSPs is also d1. Knights in the It is the remastered version of Nightmare. In this work, the player will be a soul whisp that will be a soul widow, commanded by a sword without a soul and fighting with the demons on the square. It meets the victory conditions of each stage within the restriction turn and proceeds with adventure. The game screen appears as a simulation game, and there is also an action element. During the battle, you must conduct command while avoiding the enemy emerging. In addition, there are RPG elements that appear more than 140 knights that can be conducted.

PlayStation Exclusive Leaks For Nintendo Switch + More State Of Play Coming!

In the remastered version of this work, with such an action puzzle, tactical element, etc., as it is, it is equipped with a UI renewal and new function that helps easy to play. Content additions such as collection elements and new modes are also performed. First of all, for graphics, we refine the character illustration and HD the whole body illustration. All interfaces have been updated.

Then, the operation corresponds to both touch and analog sticks, and can be enjoyed by the desired operation. As a new function from the remastered version, in addition to the retry function that simplifies the continue function and the stage reproduction of the auto save, an option that can perform volume, screen, touch operation adjustment, etc. is also implemented. Besides, functions for beginners are also included, such as exceptional equipment functions that automatically install equipment with one button, adding tutorial missions, and easy modes that can be focused on the battle. It will be more friendly to the unique and complex gameplay of this work.

Various content is also added. As a collection element, a sound collection and past scene browsing function that can be viewed such as BGM. It is also adjusted for talk collection. In addition, “Yugudora ed” that needed interlocking with “Yugudra Union”, which is the same studio work, will be banned by hard mode clear. And, as a new mode, the content “Bosslash battle” for super-sen senior operators who can not be saved and a hidden option that can enjoy unusual play is also implemented. The presence of “ENEMI Double Speed ​​Mode” and “Hell Mode” is revealed. Besides, a large number of adjustments and additional functions are incorporated.

“Knights in the Nightmare” Remastered version is scheduled to be released as a download software for Nintendo Switch on April 7. The price is tax-included 2860 yen, and reserved at Nintendo E shop from March 31st. In addition, this work has also been predicted for Android / IOS, which may also be revealed in the near future.

Microsoft Rewards: Punch Cards each with 6000 points for Elden Ring and Grid Legends

Microsoft Rewards Top 10: Anime Edition Punch Card Rewards Guide on Xbox - Unlock an Achievement
It can be worthwhile for gamers if they pre-order their games just before publishing. Because the Microsoft Rewards are offered on console punch cards with several thousand points. So also in the case of the role-playing elden ring or the racing game Grid Legends. For both games, 6000 points can be obtained if you pre-ordered it in the mentioned period. For the two mentioned games you will receive the points if you pre-ordered until March 9th of March 2022. Pre-orders before the 13th and 14th February unfortunately not considered. Besides Elden Ring, there are still possible lucrative punch cards to Roblox and the latest Far Cry 6 DLC “Joseph: Collapse”. The exact conditions for the individual punch cards can be found directly in the pictures.

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