Always listening to his community, the continuing studio feeding in content his very good game Solasta: Crown of the magister , who recently got the Pegasus for the best video game,

Solasta Huge New DLC: Lost Valley & Multiplayer Co-op (9 Subclasses, New Campaign & More)

A new campaign

Solasta will benefit from a new Campaign in DLC. Lost Valley will offer a narrative arc parallel to the main campaign, level 1 to 12, for a period of approximately 20h. Located in the Valley of Dominion . This new campaign will plunge a group of adventurers in the heart of the idyllic valley of the Dominion in search of a missing agent from the Principality of Masgarth, discovering the old traditions of Manacalon who have been forgotten following the cataclysm. The adventure will offer new environments, but also a new subclass for each of those available (DLC Primal Calling included). The studio promises great playability for the various choices to do. The DLC Lost Valley will be available on April 14, 2022 at the recommended price of € 12.99.

A multiplayer mode

Another new, the arrival of a multiplayer mode! He will be free. It will make it possible to make the main campaign and the coming content, from to 4 players. This includes what comes out of the Dungeon Creator. The latter will stretch up the passage of new features (new system of quests, dialogues, and loots). Expected exit at the same time as Lost Valley.
For impatients, a beta of multiplayer mode has been open to the public since this morning and until the end of the weekend. To participate, refer to the instructions here.