As in the first “voice of the cards”, there are a number of one of a kind weapons and armor that you can get in the game. If you want to arm your group with the best equipment, this is how best to use all the best weapons and armor in the game.

how to get the best weapon

Let’s start with weapons. The main story actually gives them to you throughout your travel: Maiden Relikia ! However, they incomplete when you get them. To turn them into real weapons, they must be endowed with the appropriate power of the Spirit.

After you collect all four relics, come back and visit Altari on the four islands. Below are the locations of the altar:

  • Criminal spirit : inside the arena in the dominion of heroes. You need to talk to the Arena administrator to get to it.
    Onyx Spirit : In the last room wicked Wetlands. This option is in the upper right corner.
    Cote d’Azur : In the last room of the seabed church.
  • ivory spirit : Lanka room in the fund under the city of Alabaster.

After you pray for the blessing of the spirits, they turned into a relic. “Spirit” You will not find better weapons than these four.

how to get the best armor

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Next, armor. In the game they are three: raincoat, bib and full suit. Below are all their locations:

  • Sea Champion (Cloak): Win an open tournament in the Dominion of Heroes. You can participate after the head of Crimson Maiden.
  • Heavenly guard (Kirase): You can find in the chest on the upper floors of the Spier of the Spirit in the Dominion of the Heart. You can not get it to the last chapter.
  • The glory of the emperor (full-sized suit): bring a gunmaker in alabaster a little rare ore.

The best weapons and armor for two of your main characters are largely dependent on how you want to build them. Nevertheless, Lati should always be faster than the main character for Buffov, so never give her the glory of the emperor.

Additional information about Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden can be found in the program manuals.