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Magic The Gathering: The Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and many other surprises

Magic players attention. The main Wizards of the Coast , Wizards present , began the revelation of the next expansion of Magic: The Gathering **, which will last Until a short time before it reaches our hands. We bring you a summary with the most important… that is not little.

Return to Dominary


Veteran players will have the pleasure of returning to the place where it all started, to Dominary . In fact, Dominary appeared at the First Alpha in Magic: The Gathering in 1993 , and has served as a stage for several of the most important stories of the card game since then.

Dominary United will consist of four sets, grouped into an epic narrative arch that will face the Pyrexians against Dominarians. See you On September 9 for the launch of Dominary United. For those who are in a hurry, early orders are already open.

2023, a busy year for Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the list of Magic’s first sets: The Gathering that will be launched in 2023. The arch of Phyrexia’s history continues with Brothers’ War, which will be available in November, followed by Phyrexia: All Will Be One, which will be released in the first quarter of 2023, and that will end with March of the Machine, in the second quarter of 2023.

March of the Machine: The Aftermath, which will also be launched in the second quarter of 2023, will conclude March of the Machine and explore the fundamental changes that have taken place in the Magic Multiverse.

In the third quarter of 2023, players will return to Eldraine, the favorite universe of fans inspired by classic fairy tales, with Wilds of Eldraine. The year 2023 will end in its fourth quarter with the launch of Lost Caverns of Ixalan where pirates, dinosaurs and vampires will fight for power.

  • Phyrexia: Everyone will be one (winter of 2023)
  • March of the Machine (Spring of 2023)
  • March of the Machine: The aftermat (spring of 2023)
  • Wilds of Eldraine (Autumn of 2023)
  • Lost Caverns of Ixalan (winter of 2024)

¿Mtg x the lord of the rings?

Universes Beyond , the new product line of Wizards of the Coast, will present locations and characters of pop culture works. After jumping into the world of Warhammer 40,000 with 4 inspired Commander Menos In each faction of the Empire’s forces, players can visit Mount Doom with the Ring community.

In fact , a set of the Lord of the Rings: Tales of the Middle Earth will debut in the third quarter of 2023 . The set will include 18 individual letters that represent the battle of the fields of Pelennor, the largest battle of the War of the Ring in Mines Tirith, as part of An extra launch . The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Arth will also be available in Magic: The Gathering Arena as a set from Alchemy to late this year.

But that’s not all, already that Doctor Who also comes to throw a cable in the world of MTG in the late 2023! The envelopes and letters of Secret Lair will arrive at the game, illustrating the 60 years of history of the television series.

Finally, Magic: The Gathering will celebrate its 30 Anniversary , precisely that, at the Las Vegas Expo in the World Market Center of October 28 to 30 . The 30th anniversary of MTG will also be held throughout the year of the game, so you have to wait for additional surprises!

Dungeons and Dragons

We don’t turn 30 every day! On this occasion, Wizards of the Coast also gives a breath of fresh air to the mythical Dungoons & Dragons.

On the menu:

A new generation of D&D * is in the test phase. One D & D gathers updated rules that are compatible with previous versions of the fifth edition of the game, the D&D Beyond platform and an online D&D game experience in development that will provide the players and mazORons teachers with a total immersion, as well as powerful tools for 3D creation. You can register to participate in public tests at dndbeyond.com
*A new adventure called
Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen , which can be played in the Dragonlance Board Game: Warriors of Krynn
*The arrival of
5 new adventures ** during the year 2023. will be in English.

Magicians in Elden Ring are simply auspice remote fighters? A PVP

Magic has in components of the community ofelden ring the online reputation, only played by people, for which the game is too heavy or who do not risk in the melee. A gamer has now demonstrated in a PVP battle just how incorrect these claims are.

What is the trouble with magic?

  • Component of the neighborhood thinks that magic would make the game as well very easy and that it would be “not best”.
  • Melee without a tool is the An and also O and also given that magic generally on the ranged fight, that’s also very easy.
  • It is the “GIT GUD” component of the neighborhood, who believes you play games like Elden Ring or Dark Hearts appropriately only when you neglect half of the features.

That magic is a lot extra, as a high-speed varying, reveals the reddit customer Deathtosoproc impressively in a clip that shows a PVP duel from it:

Generally, the clip caused a lot of attention as well as has on reddit over 16,000 upvotes and has more than 1300 remarks (since April 14, 12:30).

Players defends magic builds and also obtains a lot of motivation

Many commentators vote and also many wish to try a comparable construct. Basically, most of the ages are: everybody should play as he or she holds it.

As a result, he can make use of magical strikes that use but use animations of swords. His build is quasi a wonderful fighter, a crossbreed from varied as well as melee magic. There are also magic doubters away from the “GIT GUD” portion.

This can be seen in the clip: The individual plays a pure illusionist develop, yet does not use the normal spells that are considered OP. He likewise utilizes the Carian spells that place on sword magic.

Redshadowf95 creates: “Close, no Hate. That’s stylish and looks like a fight magian at the elevation of his game. Well done.”

Numerous gamers are impressed on just how precisely as well as rapidly he changes his spells and also applies, while playing aggressively and does not get away the opponent.

Consequently, he can utilize enchanting assaults that make use of but use computer animations of swords. His construct is quasi a magical boxer, a hybrid from ranged as well as melee magic. Some spells he utilizes are, as an example, the Carian spiters as well as breaking down celebrities.

There are likewise magic doubters away from the “GIT GUD” fraction. Some of them criticize that they are frequently fulfilling on magicians who only spam their spells without dealing with appropriately. In this situation, it is not the means you have not a problem with this develop.

The battle is heated, however he promptly takes care of to control the opponent via its versatile having fun means. He does not seem to be planned for the melee magic, as you can rarely look at the PVP.

He himself asks, “Has still all the magicous builds or is this appropriate here?” This is where he straightens to the component of the community that sounds soaking on illusionists. From the direction of which there are barely any kind of responses, a lot more he is applauded by the various other individuals.

Elden Ring Dissected #2 - Even MORE Fall Damage Stuff
The subject has actually currently taken treatment of for partnership dilemmas: Elden Ring: Player has quarrel with sweetheart, since the faster was done – “did not play properly!”

Magic has in parts of the community ofelden ring the online reputation, only played by people, for which the game is also heavy or who do not dare in the melee.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Mini

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the mini-event “Happy Encounters” was started in the cube of random encounters in the Oberwelt now loot and fall beads.

In addition, the leaderboards were reset at the feature run of the chaos chamber. Now not only Banshee and there King occur, but the chance has also increased that the boss of the chaos chamber falls.

All error corrections and adjustments of the recent hotfix are listed in the patch notes.

Hotfix Patch Notes

Weekly rotation:

Weekly Event! This In-Game, Limited-Time Mini-Event Will be Active from April 14 to April 21 at 9:00 am Pt.

  • Activated The In-Game Mini Event: Fortunate Encounters
    • DICE FROM Random Encounters in The Overworld wants now Drop More Loot and Moon Orbs!

The Chaos Chamber ‘s Featured Run Has Been Updated! The Hour is Nigh! Will You Rise To Glory, Or Case As Many Before You? The Leaderboards HAVE BEEN RESET. Will You Top The Charts This Week?

_Fatured Runs Are Available in The Chaos Chamber After You’ve Completed The Main Story, and Rotate Weekly Every Thursday at 9:00 am Pt. They’re The Same For All Players, Sun Jump in And Lake How Your Run Went Compared to Other Fatemakers! _

  • THIS RUN FEATURES THE BANSHEE AND DA KING. Get Ready to Take On A New Preset in The Chaos Chamber!
  • Featured Runs Have Received to Increase To The Boss’ Dedicated Drop Chance for That Week In The Chaos Chamber

Change Notes:

  • Fixed to Issue That What Sometimes Causing The Achievement After Completing The “Walk the Stalk” Quest to NOT BE AWARDED.
  • Patched Up A Hole in Queen’s Gate
  • Fatemakers Who Do Not Own The Butt Stallion Pack Are Now ABLE TO DROP AND SELL COSMETIC ITEMS FROM IF Picked Up During Gameplay.
  • Prevented Fatemakers From Picking Up Fire Spells Before They Knew How To Do Fire Magic.
  • Increased The Chance for Chaos Chamber Aspects (Bosses) and The Maker To Drop Dedicated Gear.

For Each Aspect Defeated, We Have Increased The Chance for Their Dedicated Item to Drop From the Maker. In Addition, The Maker Hersself is Getting to Increased Chance for Dedicated Gear to Drop.

  • Tina Has Completed The Item Cards, And Quadbow And Thunder Anima Are Now Possible World Drops!
  • Gave Customization Drops A Whole New Look!

We Recolored the Loot Beam and Outline To A Better Yellow Color So They would not get confused with the purple Epic Gear. The Lost Loot Machine wants No Longer Confuse Them with Epic Gear, Either! The Item Card Has Now Been Switched to Match Common Item Cards. The Audio Cue For Their Drop Is No Longer The Same As Epic Gear.

  • Make More Gold! You Can Sell Customizations for Twice As Much at Vending Machines Now!
  • The “AWE” Passive Properly Scales to the Fatemaker Instead of Giving A Flat Rate

Balance Adjustments:


  • Magic Barrage

Magic Barrage Fires Magic Projectiles at Enemies. We’ve Made Some Changes to How Some Thesis Different Variants Scale Their Damage At Higher Levels, The Coldown Times, and In The Case of the Concentrated Magic Barrage, Swapped Out at Extra Projectile in Favor of the Spell Now Having Two Stages When Channeled That Increase in Damage.

  • Magic Barrage (All Prefixes) – InCreased Base Spell Damage from 8 to 13
  • Overwhelming Magic Barrage – Increased Damage Scaling 13%
  • Overwhelming Magic Barrage – Decreased cooldown by 8%
  • Bursing Magic Barrage – InCreased Damage Scaling by 56%
  • Cascading Magic Barrage – Increased Damage Scaling by 69%
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Reduced Damage Scaling by 45%
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Reduced The Radius Scaling by 66%
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – InCreased Cooldown Scaling by 5%
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Reduced Total Channel Time by 0.5 sec
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Replaced The Extra Projectile at Max Channel Time With 25% Increased Spell Damage.

  • Cloudburst Arc Torrent

Arken’s Arc Torrent Spell Calls Down A Lightning Bolt on Enemies. We’ve Adjusted How The Damage and Radius Scaling for the Spell Works in Its Individual Channeling Stages.

  • Stages Get InCreasingly More Powerful; It wants NOW Scale at 25% Each Stage.

  • eruption

    • Increased eruption base damage from 20 to 24
  • Hydra
    • Increased All Hydra Spells Base Charges from 1 to 2, so you can have double the casting fun!
  • Sigil
    • Increased All Sigil Spells Base Damage by 200%

Weapon Balance Adjustments:

  • Sniper Rifles
    • Increased All Sniper Rifle Damage by 20%
  • Magic Poison SMG

WE Found That Thesis Guns’ appreciated as it’s Taking 1.5 Seconds for the Damage to Ramp Up to Competitive Levels. We’re Removing The Delay And Including It AS AS Part Of The Base Damage That The Gun Does.

  • Removed +50% damage scaling over time
  • Increased Hyperius Magic Poison SMG Damage scaling by 50%
  • Increased Dahlia Magic Poison SMG Damage scaling by 50%
  • Increased Feriore Magic Poison SMG Damage scaling by 50%
  • Reduced Feriore Magic Poison SMG Thrown Damage by 20% to compensate for the damage increase
  • White Rider’s Dual Beam damage scaling remains unchanged, overall increasing the damage each beam deals due to the Dahlia scaling change.
  • The damage of White Rider’s Single Beam mode was getting scaled twice. The damage was close to what we were aiming for before these buffs, but due to the additional increases, we’ve reduced this modifier’s form by 11.8%.

  • Legendary Pistols

    • Reduced Masterwork Handbow Damage Scaling by 30.8%
    • Reduced Masterwork Handbow Crit Damage Bonus by 50%
    • Reduced Catatumbo damage Scaling by 6.67%
    • Reduced Queen’s Cry Damage Scaling by 15%
    • Reduced Pookie’s Chew Toy Damage Scaling by 28.8%
    • Reduced Ruby’s Spite Damage Scaling by 30.8%
    • Increased Automagic.exe Damage Scaling by 50%
    • Increased Gluttony Damage Scaling by 15.4%
    • Increased The Message Reload Speed by 50%
    • Addressed an issue with how Liquid Cooling Damage Scaling was being calculated.


Note: Backstories cannot be changed after you pick one, but the changes will still be applied to your characters when you play the game! These changes will all apply to new characters.

Village Idiot

  • Added -3 Wisdom penalty

Raised By Elves

  • Increased Dexterity from +2 to +4

(MELTS RAID BOSSES) Best Chaos Lv 20 Barrage Spore Warden Spellshot Build | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
* Increased Attunement from +0 to +2

Failed Monk

  • Increase Wisdom bonus from +4 to +6
  • Increase Intelligence bonus from +2 to +3

Rogue Alchemist

  • Increase Attunement from 0 to +2

Vanilla Wears Magic RTS “Grim Grimore Oncemore” announced, to July 28 release. Remaster with new element

Japan’s one software announces “ Grimogrimore Oncemore ” on April 14th. I announced that it was released on July 28th. The compatible platform is PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch, the price is tax included 5478 yen. Novel elements have been added based on the contents of the “Grimogrimore” original version.

“Grimogrimore Oncemore” is a magic fantasy RTS that repeatedly avoids disaster recurring. Development is vanillaware. It is a remastered version of “Grim Grimore” for PlayStation 2 released in 2007. The stage of this work is a magical school that only boys and girls with excellent magic talent can be entered. At the same school, great wizard Gammel Dralask has been the principal, and the Girl of the devil who defeated by the principal was used as a learning building.

The hero’s Lille Buru is a girl who just came to Magic School. She first touched her magical book and starts to walk to her wizard way. However, she was also excited to dance her chest during her bundle. After 5 days after she entered, her learning house “Silver Star Tower” attacked a disaster, and everything in the tower loses his life. Naturally, Relle is also attacked by a disaster, but when she noticed, he went back to time, and she was back 5 days ago. Relle repeats 5 days, and will face a disaster that attacks the tower of silver stars and mystery.

Lille looks for her clues while receiving classes at Magic School. The incident is not constant in the daily life of magic schools, such as someone and Golem’s runaway, but when it is caught in a contest, the magical battle is developed. She borrows the power of Grimoa to summon the magic and fight the wizard battle.

The magic game is a distinct fantasy theme RTS (real-time strategy). In the magic game, you need mana to summon the magic with the pleasure. Because her mana can be collected from crystal, first, using her hand-held usage and mana to ensure a means of obtaining her mana. She calls the magic using resources and defeats the enemy’s use while defeating the magician of the friend, and it will be victory if you destroy all the enemy magic.

The magic used by Lille is classified into four types of spirit magic / alternative / black magic / alchemy, and multiple magic surfaces exist for each magic type. In addition to the usage magic that can be summoned for each magic square, power-ups such as the size of the magician and the increase in the type of magic who can be used to strengthen and summon the magic team.

Many unique units appear to be a dragon that is summoned in a cute fairy or egg condition, and the use of the physical attack. Mana application and unit operation, strategy and local battle both hold the key of the magic battle. Also during the magic battle, the story progressed by the standing picture and the voice. A wizard with a wizard is drawn to struggle to destroy the destruction after 5 days.

GrimGrimoire™ Official - Game Trailer PS2 HD

In the remastered “Grimogrimore Oncemore”, the graphics are first high resolution. By becoming HD image quality, beautiful visuals evolved sharply. It seems that the magical war situation is easy to grasp because the screen ratio has become wide. In addition, the voice was prepared in the original version, but in the remastered version, the voice actor in charge is changed, and a new voice actor voice is recorded. Not only drama parts, but also the voice in battle has been added, and the voice is likely to draw new sides of Rele and her friends by voice.

In the Magical Bargain, great magic and skill tree were added. Although the large magic is limited to the number of times of use, it is a powerful magic that has the effect of changing the war. Several large magic exists such as “Manava strike” that gives a wide range of flame damage and “resurrection” to recover allies. At the time of activation, it seems that the cut-in anime of Lille is also seen.

In addition, in Skill Tree, you can pay coins and strengthen the magic or magic. In the remastered version, a mission different from the victory condition has been introduced to each stage. You can use coins that can be obtained when you clear the mission. As a reinforcement content, manual mining speed up and usage moving speed up, and use magic, new skill acquisition of usage, etc. are prepared. Skill Tree seems to spread the bandwidth. In the magic game, the difficulty hard is adjusted, and it has a more challenging content. Besides, the fast-forwarding function of combat and drama part and the creation of a save function. The gallery function contains 90 or more illustrations produced towards the original and remastered version.

“Grimogrimore Oncemore” is scheduled to be released on July 28 for 5478 yen including tax for PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. In line with the announcement, official sites and videos are also released.

※ The English Version of this Article is Available Here

NBA: Franz Wagner becomes a hero! Magic Schocken Warriors

Victory in Crunchtime! Franz Wagner and the Magic shocked the Warriors, also because the German rookie retains the nerves in the final seconds. Trae Young brings with 45 points to silence Madison Square Garden and a gloomy series of bulls continues.

Orlando Magic (20-53) – Golden State Warriors (47-25) 94:90 (Boxscore)

  • 5 points In the last 13 seconds Franz Wagner have been to the hero of Orlando Magic. The German rookie showed no nerves from the free-wurflinia in a competitive final phase and sealed the eighth Warrior’s bankruptcy from the past twelve. Wagner ended the game with 18 points (6/9 FG, 6/6 FT), 3 assists, 2 steals and 1 block.
  • The entrance wheels fought in the fourth quarter thanks to their in this phase strong bank from a 14-point residue back to the game. In addition to MARKEL FULTZ (8) and Gary Harris (8), Moritz Wagner (7, 4 rebounds and 1 block) had his fingers in the game. A 21: 6-run turned the game, but a minute before the end, Andrew Wiggins (13) brought his colors in front again.
  • The answer delivered Mo Bamba through the corner (89:88), in the next attack Foulse Klay Thompson Wagner at his trial. He sank all three freebies, Golden State shortened again, but after a beautifully designed out-of-bounds-play, Wagner made the lid on it per dunk. Topscorer The Magic was Wendell Carter Jr. with 19 meters and 8 boards.
  • Even the start was anything but promising from Warrior’s view. Obtainly, the guests started at all at all, in the first half will take you just 38 points. The game seemed to turn in the third quarter, as Golden State at once 7 triples sanked and alone in this section only two meters achieved less than in the complete halftime one (36:19). The result was the addressed 14-point lead, but in the fourth quarter, the offensive power was then again (7/21 FG and 7 Turnover).
  • “I love these guys in the cabin. I know you want to win. We only have to learn how. Currently we do not know how to win,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr showed disappointed by the appearance of his team in the fourth quarter. Jordan Poole was still diligent scorer with 26 points, but even with him did not go to Plan (9/23 FG). Klay Thompson came to 15 points with also manageable odds, from the bank, Jonathan Kuminga (14) and Otto Porter Jr. (14 and 15 rebounds) showed good performances.

Franz Wagner ROOKIE-RECORD 38 PTS & Career High! ♨

New York Knicks (30-42) – Atlanta Hawks (36-36) 111: 117 (Boxscore)

  • Trae Young and the Madison Square Garden, that remains a success story. At least for the Hawks Guard, who since his playoff-gala 2021 in New York has returned 45 points in his first game in New York, a mistake of the buzzerbeater and a bad adhesive reactive. Thanks to Young and Bogdan Bogdanovic, the Hawks still turned the game in crunchtime.
  • At Christmas, Young had missed the first New York trip of his team this season, but he continued on Tuesday evening where he had stopped in the PostSeason. Eight and a half minutes before the end, the knicks were still at +10 at the front, but Bogdanovic and Young turned on again. The latter with one of his seven threesome a good three minutes before the end again for the compensation, then Bogdanovic and De’andre Hunter from Downtown and Young put the icing on the decisive 11: 0 course: first he sent Taj Gibson with a crossover On the boards, then he sank the pullup, who made everything.
  • The 23-year-old showed itself relatively unimpressed by the bushings of the Knicks fans, but it was “not so loud” anyway, Young said. After sunking a mad buzzerbeater at the end of the first quarter – Bogdanovic served him with a fullcourt pass, Young began the ball in the air and squeezed out of a cast -, the Guard straightened a few nice words to the already good already Annoyed Knicks fans.
  • In addition to his scoring (13/25 FG and 7/15 threesome) distributed Young still 8 assists, Bogdanovic was also on fire (season confirmation 32 points, 11/20 FG). For the knicks that had to do without the injured Julius Randle (Quadriceps), R.J. Barrett (30 and 13 Boards), Alec Burks (21) or Immanuel Quickley (17) most to the Weir. Nevertheless, New York is already secured by the bankruptcy for another season with a negative balance – for the next time for the past nine years.

Articles and videos about the topic
* Power ranking in March: That’s why the Sixers are not a real contractender yet
* Experience the NBA live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

How to use Decimal – Triangle Strategy Unit

Each character in Triangle Strategy is built in its own way. Each of them has unique skills, the benefits of the terrain and a variety of applications depending on the situation. Some units work better with others. Others are excellent for Pharma coins or items, but they should not be used for battles on the main scene.

In this guide, we will teach you to use decimal fraction Dancing machine.

Guide for decimal symbols

Mathematics can confuse you, but the decimal fraction is a pretty good unit of measure. Small maps or cards where you plan to lure the enemy to yourself. All his skills territorial effects in the range of ten tiles **. So, while he does not go and all allies and enemies are within reach, he is pretty broken.

For example, the goal [HP3] will apply magic damage throughout the region to each unit, whose current HP is divided into three. Meanwhile, the goal [HP5] is magic plus instant murder if you are lucky. All his attacking skills magic by the way, so make accessories that enhance magic on it.

Of course, to compensate for your inferiority, Decimal does not generate TP every move naturally. However, while he does nothing for one move, he generates three TPs automatically. This means that he just needs to relax every one or two turns.

You can also use Decimal in commands with zero TP (that is, teams in which there are no such characters like Julio and Medina). He has a skill that can increase strength and magical attacks of all allies who have no teleports.

Encouragement and class improvement

Expand priorities Weapons strength Updates for Decimal. On the second weapon rank, you also unlock the improvement in the Damage Up for the target [HP3] , since more numbers is divided into three. After that, you can focus on HP and Defense updates.

Decimal does not require unlocking the third rank of weapons if you do not have extra resources. It contains the ability to apply magic damage any enemy on the map whose HP are divided with seven . Range _ is incredibly large, but the cost of Tp is the same. In addition, not many numbers are divided by seven.

Triangle Strategy COMPLETE Unit Guide - All Recruitments, Skills and Weapon Trees Explained!
You can leave the elite update of Decimal finally, and, in fact, it will be only to enhance the characteristics. The skill that you unlock with the update is the target [Height + 5] , _ is also not bad – the truth is just on the heights cards. As the name follows, it can damage all enemies within reach, which are located on five cells above it.

For more help with Triangle strategy Read some other articles here, in Pro Game Guides.

TFT Set 6.5: Hextech Assisting Composition Guide

It is already time to relearn with neon on the night, the 6.5 set of TeamFight Tactics. The mid-set extension for gadgets in madness that brings a lot of mechanics, and a horde of champions that must be controlled. You feel lost in front of this task? Do not panic, we have prepared guides for you to easily take charge of the compos. And here is the composition Hextech attacking _ (Strikers in VO) _ for TFT Set 6.5. What are the champions to recover in priority? What objects covet with carousel? Who are your carrys? All the info you need to play the Compo well in the lines that follow.

Then update: 16/02/2022, patch 12.04

Information on the HEXTECH TFT Set 6.5 attacking information

Positioning Champions on the tray



When leaving on the hextech attacking composition?

The main carry, which makes this compo particularly strong, is Sivir. So if you find objects quickly for her, it’s perfect. An onset of attackers and Hextech – Seuani, Jarvan, Rek’sai – is a plus.



At the beginning of the fight and every few seconds, the Hextech heart sends a pulse that confers a 4 second shield to Hextech champions. As long as it is active, this shield adds additional magic damage to attacks. The shield does not accumulate. The frequency of the impulse increases with the lines of the line.
_ (2) 150 Shield, 20 magic damage_
_ (4) 200 Shield, 50 Magic Damage
(6) 450 Shield, 100 Magic Damage
(8) 700 Shield, 170 magic damage_


The attackers earn bonus attack damage.
_ (2) + 30 AD
(4) + 65 AD
(6) + 110 AD_


All Allies get a PV bonus. Fighters earn double the bonus.
_ (2) 125 PV
(4) 225 _PV
(6) 400 PV
(8) 700 PV


The justickers stop enemies at the beginning of the fight, which excludes them for 5 seconds or until it lost 40% of its PV.
_ (2) Stop the enemy with the most PV
(4) Stop the enemy who inflicted the most damage during his previous fight_


Once per planning phase, you can give a pretty unit in Tahm Kench. This unit is devoured, but gives bonuses of permanent statistics. The more expensive the unit, the higher the bonus. To feed Tahm Kench, hang a unit above him until he opens his mouth, then loose it.


This guy is active only if you have exactly 1 rival. The scope of VI skills is increased by two hex. Jinx wins 40% attack speed for 3 seconds after elimination.

start of part

Priority Objects

How to play the composition?

• Your main carry is SIVIR . But his build is adaptable. If Stairkkk’s dagger slope has been highlighted, you can lean for a more classic version with a giant killer and an infinite blade.

• If the spot box is interesting – in a rear corner for Sivir or in the first line for VI – you can insert Gnar , instead of Irelia.

• Another option is to insert more hextech. In this case you go to Swain and Nocturne by removing your two superfluous attackers.

VI is extremely powerful like tank, so really prefer to give it objects compared to other members of your Frontline.

Dragon-Age-Producer sagt: “BioWare

Gaming Workshop Group plc (Abbreviated GW) is a British international company devoted to the production of board games, retail mode. She is focused on the edition of War games, as well as is one of the largest firms on the planet in this field. It is signed up in the London Supply Exchange, with the LAW icon.


In the development of games in the studio bioware has already been heard several times in the past that at a certain point would happen at a certain magic, the bioware magic . But exactly this term, especially the former producer Mark Darragh extremely acidic. He even refers to him as a big crap.

Who is Mark Darragh?

Mark Darragh worked for more than 20 years in Bioware in various positions. For example, he had started as a programmer at the RPG classic Balder’s Gate as a programmer. Later, he moved to the design team for a short time before he acted several times as a producer. Darragh was mainly responsible for the role-playing series Dragon Age, but also worked with the online shooter Anthem. He knows about Bioware as in his west pocket.

What does Mark Darragh say to Bioware Magic ?

In the recent edition of his YouTube show Old Game Dev Advice he came to talking about the term with the bioware magic and showed anything but enthusiastic about it. He describes one of his view after terrible process. In the development of a game, it is meanwhile normal that the team has little to see about a very long time from actual progress.

At a certain point, however, many things would suddenly engage very quickly and give a much better picture. This process is exactly what some people would understand as bioware magic.

However, the team never knew how strong this sudden increase in development progress will be and when he will arrive at all. Much better be to accelerate the entire development process. Then there is a lot earlier for the team, which would actually work there.

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