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Magic blockbuster overtakes Sonic The Hedgehog in the US

At the start of the week we look back on the current US kinocharts . Namely, a lot has been done about the Easter weekend and a new leader, which is not running on the screen yet, has left the competition clearly behind. Almost as well by magic. Which movie makes the cash registers ring, we will tell you below. For this you also get the current Top 10 of the Kinocharts .

Simply magical: Fantastic animals 3 at the top of the Kinocharts

Fantastic animals 3: Dumbledores Secrets is the new number 1 of Kinocharts in the USA. There, the film has been running since April 15, 2022 and has recorded 43 million dollars over the Easter weekend. While this is far less than the previous leader Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ** achieved at its starting weekend, but still sufficient to overtake the fast blue hedgehog, the last weekend “only” take 30 million dollars.

Sonic 2 is thus slipped to 2nd place. The adventure film The Lost City remains in place 3 of the winner’s podium as in the last week and continues to keep Wacker up. Meanwhile, the Fantasy Comedy Adventure Everywhere All at Once has highly fought in fourth place. And the Comic Adaptations of Morbius and The Batman have fallen. Spider-Man: No Way Home is flew for the first time out of the top 10 – for the Marvel adventure, it was only enough for # 11.

  1. Fantastic Animals 3: Dumbledores Secrets – 43 million dollars

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog – $ 30 million

Sonic Unleashed the movie HD
3. The Lost City – 6.5 million dollars
4. Everything Everywhere All At Once – $ 6.2 Million Dollars
5. Father Stu – 5.7 million dollars
6. Morbius – $ 4.7 million
7. Ambulance – 4 million dollars
8. The Batman – 3.8 million dollars
9. K.G.F: Chapter 2 – 2.9 million dollars
10. Uncharted – $ 1.2 million

The new adventures of Newt Scamander and Co. can be tracked here in Germany already since April 7, 2022 . The newly filmed history from the “Wizarding World” has previously been more miesal ratings . It remains to be seen if something has changed about the holidays and new spectators.

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All locations Mokoko Seed in Lost City in Lost Ark

Of all the items of collecting in Lost Ark, the seeds are wet. More than 1000 of them are scattered in the game and hidden in each secluded corner. Find all small green seeds may be a difficult task.

In a notched city there is seven wet seeds can be found. The lost city is the island of modest sizes, where you need to catch the fish to open the chests to get a chance to get the soul of the island. As soon as you find seed, just come to him and interact with him to gather it.

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Where to find all seeds MOKOK in a lost city in Lost Ark

Lost Ark All Lost City Mokoko Seed Locations
The wet seeds on this island are scattered in three different areas. Most of them are in one way or another hidden from prying eyes, so be sure to look for even where you are not visible.

Do not forget to take a wet seed in the lower right corner of the card. Before descending by Zipline . The only way to return to it after the descent of Ziplein is to enter the island again after using the “Song of Escape.” The seed is inside the hut.

That Golden Star The map above is the destroyable wall. Two seeds wet on the other side of the wall are hidden in the bushes.

That White Star The map above is the lever that opens the secret path to which you can jump.

To learn more about madness MOCO, check out all locations of mococo seeds in ASTELLA IN LOST ARK in the players on the game for professionals!

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