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Lost Arc, hosting an OST concert in full orchestra

On the 17th, Smilegate RPG announced that it will hold a concert “Dear. Friends” where you can meet Lost Arc’s various OSTs with a full orchestra.

The ‘Dear Friends’ concert will be held at the Lotte Concert Hall in Songpa -gu, Seoul on June 3rd. KBS Symphony Orchestra, conductor Ahn Doo -hyun, and director Wang Yong -bum will meet and deliver the magnificent and beautiful melodies of Lost Arc. In addition to general orchestra performances, we are preparing to listen to Lost Arc OSTs of various genres such as jazz, opera, heavy metal and musicals.

Concert tickets will be reserved from 6 pm on Friday, 20th. The ticket price is 48,000 won for R seats, 24,000 won for S seats, and 18,000 won for A seat. The entire proceeds from the ticket sales of the concert will be used as a donation throughout the society that needs help. In addition, real -time live broadcasts will be held on Lost Arc’s official YouTube channel for adventurers who cannot find a concert ticket or attend the concert on the day.

LOST Concerto

Smilegate RPG Suwon Gil said, “It has been a long time since the story of the Lost Arc OST concert was talked about. I would like to express my gratitude to the adventurers who have been waiting for the unchanging love. ” I will do my best to show a good performance. ”

For more information about the Dear Friends Concert, please visit the Lost Arc official website.

[Photo] Congratulations on your birthday! Lost Arc pop-up store scenery

Lost arc and Mamatch’s collaboration, which was underway last year, has a memorable memory. The crawling of the game and the colaboration is so great that the successful case was in Korea. My app servers are paralyzed, and my friends who have been and the bureaucracy also remember.

So time is quite flowing, and today (April 16) once again, Lost Arc and Mamatch proceed with collaboration. This time, Rost Arc is a special event that commemorates the birthday of ‘Mokoko’ in Mascot. In addition, this time, not only the menu release, but also a special pop-up store.

On April 16 (Saturday), May 15 (Sunday) Mamatch Rap Garden Reverse Daisaki was a special pop-up store decorated with ‘Mokoko’ theme. The pop-up store is filled with the theme of ‘Lost Arc’, as well as Mokoko Theme and various Esther Characters, including large Mokoko (including large Mokoko).

I visited the pop-up store of the Mokoko theme this Mokoko theme, and since I opened the posting, many users already have a lot of users to enjoy the store. Numerous users have given a standby table, but they have only 10 minutes, but all quantities have attracted a lot of popularity to be sold out.

[News] “Huh! We have yet to play!” Lost Arc Users Organized Subway Ads

The users who enjoy the Lost Arc gathered and hosted and conducted a support project to be a great deal. A cheerful advertisement on a warm cheering message sent to the Smile Gate Lost Arc team on the Debt Artery Line Pang yo Station was published.

Cheering advertising was published in the exit and 4 outlets and four times the exit and four times, and other images were used. The image used in cheering ads was determined that the users of users have been made to vote again, and have become a topic that only 10,000 votes were involved. Subway ads are held for one month from February 27th.

The contents of the advertisement statement are unique. For example, in the case of exit 1 ‘Do you still play that game’, ‘Yes!! We have yet to play that! ‘,’ This is the same equation as the Most Arc User’s reinvestment. ‘ Lutheran New Year’s Thanksgiving, Roast Arc German Line Director will change the contents of the Most Arc Human Line Director. It also includes a message of appreciation that thank you for making a good game.


In addition, the message book or audit gifts containing the letters of users are also will be delivered to the 28th (Fri) and Smile Gate Lost Arc team.

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