LeBron James emotional during National Anthem performed by Boyz II Men | Remembering Kobe
Because of its excellent acting arts, basketball superstar LeBron James will probably not go into history. For his presentation in the film “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, James not only received the “golden raspberry” as the worst actor but also as part of the worst canvas pair. Overall, the film got three “raidies”. The jury called the work a “115-minute advertising for everything from WarnerMedia”. James is in good company as “raidies” winner. Sylvester Stallone has been “honored” four times, Kevin Costner three times. The winners of the golden raspberry are traditionally announced in the evening before the Oscar award. The organizers understand their price as counterpoint to the Academy Awards. Space Jam 2 is the continuation of the animation movie with Michael Jordan from 1996. Jordan received no raspberry for his performance in the film on the side of Bugs Bunny.