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The sequel to the Forest Sons of the Forest is delayed

Hijos del Forest, _ the new game of _The forest Creators Endnight Games, will no longer be launched on May 20. The developers announced the delay this week and said that the May launch date announced earlier was “too ambitious” and that a little more time was needed to make the vision of the game come true. The new launch window will see the launch of the game at some time of October 2022 with a brief advancement of the game shared along with the news of the delay.

Endnight Games announced the delay of Hijos of the forest on social networks similarly to how their other few updates on the game have been shared in the past. The developer said that the additional time dedicated to work in the game between May and October will allow the study to better deliver his “vision of the next step in survival games.”

Hijos del Forest was announced for the first time in 2019 and its launch window has already moved more than once. The second large trailer of the game launched in 2020 said that hijos del forest would come out in 2021 _, _ but that launch window was also adjusted towards the end of last year when Endnight Games announced in October that more time was needed and that the launch of the game was needed It would be delayed until mid-2022. The new release date is also a little later than that period of time, but at least it is still scheduled for a launch at 2022 at this time.

This type of Endnight Games updates are shared quite sporadically, so you do not know when we will see the game again. The announcements of delays and trailers mentioned above generally occur with months of difference, and the game does not even currently has a Steam page or information about Hijos of the forest on the developer’s site.

But if you like survival and terror games and you like it especially The forest, maybe that’s best anyway. The original game still has an “overwhelmingly positive” score in Steam, so it is a good game in your own right, but much of its appeal came from the great turns with respect to what the players were waiting for the players in the forest. That secret is obviously well known now, but maybe Endnight Games has something else in what is working. Hijos del Forest That is better to leave a mystery until the game is launched.

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Hijos del Forest is now scheduled to launch at some time in October 2022.

Chaos to Launch: Amazon locks several Lost Ark

This Friday is the Free2Play launch of Lost Ark on the program. Then all those players are allowed to get started, who bought no pioneer pack . Then there should be another rush. However, there is a bad news: some of the servers are or have already been locked.

Many servers locked by Lost Ark

As the developers have announced in the official forum, some servers are so full before the Free2Play launch by Lost Ark, that the team has determined to block them for new players . Thus, it is no longer possible to create new characters on these servers. For Europe and thus Germany, this is a total of five realms **.

  • Kadan
  • Trixion

  • Thirain
  • Zinnervale
  • Asta

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This is the big problem?

Nobody may like full server with eternally long queues. However, this “lock” brings a big problem with: sometimes it can happen that friends can not play together on the same server. For example, if a buddy has already started in the pre-phase on one of the above-mentioned realms, laggards need to dodge the free2play launch to another Realm. A function for a server transfer does not exist so far.

New servers needs the country

Fortunately, the developers have decided to make some new servers available to the Free2Play launch of Lost Ark to deal with the expected rush. In Europe, in time for the launch tonight at 18:00 German Total six fresh realms are launched, on which the players can make themselves comfortable.

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