About the latest state of developments to Diablo 4, Blizzard informs now in the latest quarterly update.

In the first update of the year, the developers talk about various environments of the gloomy game world and show numerous videos that come from the pre-alpha.

About the approaches of the various areas in the action roleplay come Associate Art Director for Environments Brian Fletcher, Associate Lighting Director Ben Hutchings, Lead Exterior Environment Artist Matt Mcdaid and Lead Props and Interactives Artist Chaz Head to speak in detail.

“The environments of Diablo IV cover a large extent of the game and its graphic components: five different regions and hundreds of dungeons waiting to be discovered by you. There you will kill monster, collect booty and explore the surroundings. Of course, nothing would be possible without the common efforts of our talented designers, programmers, ambient designers, lighting artists and technical designers. “

Shooting in the following videos a look at the rough “coast of Scosglen”, discovers the mysterious “monastery of Orbei”, the settlement “Kyovashad” and other forgotten places.

Coast of Scosglen

Monastery of Orbe


Forgotten places in the world

Horrible caves

Flooded depths

2022: Diablo 4 Quarterly Update 1 (D4 News, new gameplay zones)

Showcase of the environments